"Bay Area" Singer "Jonn Hart" Ft. "Shanell
"I Can't Feel My Leggz"

Twitter: @4JonnHart @ItsKingVada

"Bay Area" R&B new-comer Jonn Hart already has the smash hit "Who Booty" under his belt, he now hits us with his official follow up featuring YMCMB songtress Shanell.


"Nicki Minaj"
"Boss @ss B*tch" (Freestyle)

Ummmmm.... YEA!!!! If you don't want to hear a song that every other word is a cuss word or n*gga this or n*gga that, this aint the song for you, cuz it sure wasn't the song for me, but I'm not a Nicki Minaj fan, so, he could be light weight hate....


(10) "Bay Blaps, That Slap"

"DVo" - "Soulo" (Official Video)
Rev Roc Ft. Kool John, Iamsu, Mac Mall - "Filthy" Remix
Mike Dash-E Ft. Iamsu!, HBK Skipper - "Nothing Changed"
"G. Battles" - "I Ride 2"
"Selfmade" & "Street Knowledge" - "Bounce That"
"sayknowledge" "Monica"

"iamsu!" - "Stoner" (Remix)
"TyCun" - "Merry Go"
Willie Joe, Traxamillion, City Shawn, Kike Cruz, Sellasie - "We Run It"
"Mani Draper" Ft. "Iamsu!" - "Imagine That"

"TeamUP" Ft. "Beeda Weeda" - "Lifestyle"

"Rev Roc" Ft. "Kool John", "Iamsu", "Mac Mall"
 "Filthy" (Remix)

@RevRocRichBoy @IAMSU  @TheRealMacMall @K00LJ0HN 

"Oakland" Rapper "DVo" - "Soulo" (Official Video)

Twitter: @DVoMusic

"DVo is an aspiring independent Hip-Hop/Soul artist from Oakland, CA who is driven to bring "Soul" and "feeling" back to music and the arts.  He is an artist that strongly believes in freedom of expression and the beauty that lies beneath and behind its words.  In a time, and more specifically genre, where music and art feels mass-produced, carbon-copied, and even at times thoughtless, DVo is unafraid to challenge that formula and display the range of emotions and feelings that music can convey and cause, regardless of the confines of formulas and genres in which people can categorize and "box" it in.  With such an eclectic musical taste and influence, DVo is sure to bend genres with his music and make listeners "feel" some type of way."

"Soulo."  This is the 2nd released/leaked song off of the upcoming project entitled, "Dayze Off."  DVo produced his latest video showcasing the loneliness of being a solo underground artist and the constant internal war that wages within to stay authentic as well as true to his music and not become another CLONE of mainstream Hip-Hop's quest for world domination."

"Mike Dash-E" Ft. "Iamsu!" & "HBK Skipper
"Nothing Changed"

Twitter: @MikeDashE @IAMSU @HBKSkipper

"G. Battles"
"I Ride 2"

Twitter: @G_Battles

"Selfmade" & "Street Knowledge
"Bounce That"
Twitter @SelfMade_Btchh  @STREETKNOWLEDG3 

"San Francisco" Rapper "sayknowledge
Twitter: @sayknowledge 

"Stoner" (Remix)
Twitter: @IAMSU

 "Merry Go"
Twitter: @itsTyCun

(707) "Vallejo" Rapper "Willie Joe"
Ft Traxamillion, City Shawn, Kike Cruz, Sellasie 
"We Run It"
@WillieJoeWB @Traxamillion @imKikeCruz @Sellasie

"Pinole" Rapper "Mani Draper" Ft. "Iamsu!
"Imagine That"

Twitter: @ManiDraper @iamsu 

"TeamUP" Ft. "Beeda Weeda"
Twitter: @TeamUp2116 @RealBeedaWeeda


"Juvenile" Ft. "2 Chainz"




"Badman Don't Cry" (Official Video)
"You Can Do Anything You Like"

"You Can Do Anything You Like"




"50 Cent
"This Is Murder Not Music"


"Elle Varner" Ft "Wale"  


"Chris Brown