"Christian" Rapper "Bizzle
"Dear Hip-Hop" (Official Video) 
Twitter: @MyNameIsBizzle

"Bizzle" drops a letter to "Hip Hop" and addresses all the fallacies in the "Hip Hop" ideology. The perspective that he comes from is from being the foster child of "Hip Hop" and learning the negatives of a culture. He addresses relationships with women, his grammar, his actions,  the way he dressed, how "Hip Hop" influenced him more than his own family, social struggles with guns instead of fighting it out, not snitching, the difference between being hard and real, becoming a father, education, and thinking that "Hip Hop" had his best interest, but seeing it didn't. To me, this letter is severing the ties with "Hip Hop" as he knew it, and he's going home to be with his REAL FATHER.

"Bizzle" tells "Hip Hop" what happened when he met his REAL FATHER, and everything "HIP HOP" taught him, GOD told him different. GOD told him to be good to women, wait for sex, marry women, take care of your family, speak up for injustice, love your brother, but it's never too late to join the family, that God has been waiting on him to come home and he's rejoicing to have him.

 THIS IS ONE OF THE DOPEST TRACKS, I'VE EVER HEARD, and yes, it lines up with the word. "T.Wright" (Editor of TheRealSpill.com)

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