"Slow Down"

I knew I was going to love "Slow Down" as soon as the beat hit. I got a lump in my stomach and chills. I love this right here. This is that grown man, sexy. It seems like in this day of rap, men got more love for their dudes, then they do for their chicks. Fella's make time for your your lady and ladies, when he does, enjoy it. Don't ruin it by complaining about what you're going to still be complaining about tomorrow and two weeks from now. I think that's what's wrong with relationships. People are not taking the time to enjoy one another, they're just so used to them being there, dinning room chair. It'll always we be there when I get there.


"Robin Thicke
"Get In My Way"


"Ex To See"


"Trey Songz


"Justin Timberlake
"Take Back The Night"


"Wish I Could Be Her"

Man, ladies. I know at one time or sometime in your life you've felt like this, if you've dealt with a man that cheats. When the man you love is kreep'n or peep'n another. The hurt and pain all for a man but you let it go on again and again. Rather it be for the sake of the kids, the sake of a marriage or the sake of your heart, you put up with it, because you can't imagine being apart.

Me, myself. I'm a track star, but it doesn't stop your .


Melanie Fiona 
"Cold Piece"


"Standing On The Sun"


"Alicia Keys"
"Tears Always Win
(Official Video)