"Christian" Artist "Derek Minor" Ft."Dee-1" & "Lecrae
"Dear Mr Christian" (Official Video)

Twitter: @thederekminor

Eh, this is real talk off da block. "Dear Mr Christian" aint for everybody, but it's for somebody. I like that the words are written on the walls, so you can just pay attention to the message and not be entertained by the message.

I think, sometimes as Christians, because we've found the truth, the light and the way, we already know the answer, the answer is a life with Christ. So, instead of taking time to hear someone's story, and see where they've been, who they are and how they got there, we just want to tell them who they are and where they should be. I'm not saying that aint right, but what I am saying, sometimes its not so black and white. 

When you go to the doctor you've got to fill out forms and tell the doctor your medical history and what's ailing you now. He can't diagnose your problem and cure your from what you're ailing from, without knowing your history. So, in that same retrospect, we, as Christians,  got to take time with those who are coming to get fed, those who are coming to get healed, and not treat them like they're spiritually where we're at, healed, sanctified and covered in the blood of the lamb. We need to become the receptionist, at the front desk of the doctors office, and help them fill out their forms and share their history and ensure them that the DOCTOR, the HEALER, can heal them from what ever they're ailing from. Now, true, God don't need you to tell Him what's going on with his patient, but maybe the patient needs to tell you what's going on with them.... TWright (Editor of TheRealSpill.com)


SACRAMENTO "Christian" Rapper "Sevin" Ft. "I.C. Jonez"
"The Gospel" (Official Video)

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"Jesus" Ft. "Patti LaBelle" & "Ronald Isley"
"Home For Christmas"
"Be Mine For Christmas" Ft. "Ledisi"

"Jesus" Ft. "Patti LaBelle" & "Ronald Isley"

"Home For Christmas"


"What Christmas Means

"Be Mine For Christmas" Ft. "Ledisi"


"O Holy Night" 
(Praise Dance) To Smokie Norful


12 Year Old "Christian" Singer "Jonathan Valencia
"Flow" (Official Video)

Twitter: @MargoSpeaks

This young man really blessed me, and drove me to tears. To see a youth, his age, worshipping God, is such a blessing. 

"Show in me, flow in me, Holy Spirit just flow.".. "I need all I can get, until I'm soaked and I'm wet, saturate me from head, to toe to water the seeds I've sown."... "When I'm feeling low and I just don't know, Holy Spirt I need your flow.".... "Sow in me, grow in me Holy Spirit go with me"... Continue to pour from above immerse me in your love, drown out my weakened flesh, so that I can start fresh....

WHAT A POWERFUL AND MIGHT SONG THAT CAME OUT THE MOUTH OF A BABE. I've been truly touched and bless by this young man, and God is obviously the biggest and most prevalent fixture in his life and his light shines real bright. SUCH A BLESSING.....TWright (Editor of TheRealSpill.com)


"Deitrick Haddon"

"Have Your Way" (Official Video)
"Shutup! Hold Your Peace" (Sermon)
 (Live) @ "The Gospel Explosion" 2013 

"Have Your Way
(Official Video)

"Deitrick Haddon
"Shutup! Hold Your Peace" (Sermon)

Deitrick Haddon preaching at soul harvest ministries. He is teaching on holding your peace. I

(Live) @ The Gospel Explosion 2013 


"Christian" Rap Group "Hostyle Gospel" Ft. "Lamorax"
"Monsters" (Official Video)

Hostyle Gospel is a dynamic Christian hip-hop group merging musical talent with the Word of God to point people to Christ. With pulse-pounding rhythms and raw lyrics, Hostyle Gospel is igniting a fire of passion for God across America.

Though they reference the Gospel as hostile, hostility is merely the method of delivery. Through this, they provide edgy compilations that merge with terse messages to create a sense of urgency to a generation in need of something more. Hostyle Gospel is armed with the raw energy of their performances and the ammunition of their faith; thus, Hostyle Gospel is appealing to young and old alike.

Hostyle Gospel Ministries originated in 2003 from a central Illinois group called The Elite M.O.C. (Men of Christ). After the founders dispersed to individual ministries, two members, Proverb (Raynard Glass) and King Soloman (Demetrius Morton), began to refine their vision for the group. Big Job (Fontaine Pizza) was added in 2005 as a frontline member, joining them in performances and on recordings. Since 2005, the group has added more members, which serve in music production, graphic design, and web administration.

On March 21, 2009 Hostyle Gospel teamed up with Christian Rap Artist “Flame,” Teen REACH of Vermilion County/Project Success, and the Boys and Girls Club at Danville High School Auditorium to impact local churches and teen groups in Danville. Currently, Hostyle Gospel has completed two albums and four mixtapes and is currently working on their third album, which will be released mid-2013. The group continues to grow, along with the number of people who have found Christ through the music of Hostyle Gospel.

Hostyle Gospel ministers to today’s generation in a way that is both relevant and entertaining. The live shows include a mix of original songs and lyrical, Christ-centered re-mixes of Top 20 hits from major artists. Performances flow more like a worship experience than a concert. The crowd is invited to join in on the praise and to focus on worshipping God. The Gospel is prominent in every aspect of their presentation, whether it be rapping, dancing, or preaching.


"James Fortune" & "Jason Nelson"


Christian Rapper "Flame" Ft "DecembeRadio"
"Let Go"
(Official Video)

Off "The Sixth" Album

Twitter: @FLAME314


"Swagoons" Ft "Eshon Burgundy"
"Prayn In The Rain" (Official Video)

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