"Alicia Keys"
"Brand New Me II"

Alicia Keys drops a Crystal Waters inspired remix for her song "Brand New Me", but to me, it's just some brand new junk, that i will not bump in my trunk.

But take my word, I'm not one of her biggest or a fan at all, so I could just be hate'n, ya'll.

I was not impressed with her Super Bowl performance, either......


"Amsterdam" Rapper "Twixx"
"Mr Know It All
(Snippet Video) 
(Over Kelly Clarkson's Mr. Know it All)

Twitter: @twixxmusic 

Tell'n ya'll, I got a soft spot for this young dude. How you get a Bachelor's Degree coming out of High School, means you are serious about your paper. He could be get'n paid to do what he went to school for, instead he persues what's in his heart, and gave writing, producing and rapping a start. I like em, and I like "Mr. Know It All". I hope he takes it and makes it into more, because from what I've seen, he's got a lot in store.

'Twixx" was born in "Amsterdam, The Netherlands". He was raised by a single mother in the South East area of "Amsterdam". At age sixteen, 'Twixx" attended the HES (High School for Economic Studies) and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Commercial Economics. After graduating he decided to pursue his music career.

At the age of 12, "Twixx" discovered his talent for music when Hip Hop started to hype up at his school. At that point it seemed like half of the kids at his school wanted to become a famous rapper. But of course, with most of the dreams that are shared by many, only a few people dedicate their lifes to pursuing and fulfilling these dreams.

During his study at the HES, "Twixx" decided to expand his horizon and started writing/composing songs for singers. At first, his songwriting network only consisted of R&B singers but now he's working with artists of almost all genres.

"Twixx" has also recorded a number of songs which lead to the release of two online tapes. In 2009 "Twixx" released a mixtape called "From Another Planet" with appearances from Young Blaze, Perry Mystique and others. In 2011 the compilation tape "Music & Her" was released, which lead to a videoshoot of one of the singles, called "Music & You". The video gained exposure on Dutch online platforms and was featured on WSHH as well. 


"Mac Miller"
"Cold Feet"
"Don't Mind If I Do" (Official Video) 

"You Couldn't Touch Me With A Facebook Poke" 

I'll admit, when it comes to rap, I might be a little prejudice. I like my rap black, like I like my men. But, in all honesty, I see the game is going through a change, and it's not all bad. "Mac Miller" is cool. He didn't make me drool, and I'm sure if I'm ready to swim in his pool, but he's entertaining and he's got flows, but it's not my style of rap, but for some it might be a slap.

"Don't Mind if I Do"
 (Official Video) 


"Chris Brown
"2 Comlicated" (Snippet) 


"Oakland" Rapper "Haji Agent 8"

Twitter: @HAJIAGENT8

"HARD HITTAZ ENT." rapper "Haji Agent 8" drops a  freestyle over "EA SKI" & "BIG RICH'S" track "That's The Business".

Big Rich 
"Thats The Business" 


 "Footprints Of Osama"


"Oakland" Rapper "HAJi AGENT8
"911" (Freestyle)
Over "Beverly Hills Cop" Beat 

Twitter: @HAJIAGENT8


"New Jersey" Rapper "Rah Digga"
"Straight Spittin 4.5
Off Her Album "Classic"



20 Year Old "Vegas" Rapper "Dizzy D Flashy
I'm So Raw What Are The condoms For
F*ck Change, That's What Obma's For

Twitter: DizzyDfLashy


"Lil Wayne" (Sampler)
That Ain't Me x Bill Gates x Popular x Hold Up 
With You x What's Wrong With Them