"Joseline Hernandez" 
"Mi Colta
(Official Video)

Ummmm, for some reason, I thought hearing Joseline rap, in Puerto Rican, that I would may be bee able to feel her, but I still aint feel'n her. Funny. I don't understand Puerto Rican, but I understood her more in her native tongue than in English, son. (lol) God may have not have blessed her with a rapping voice, but he blessed that girl with a killer body, and she's definitely using what she got to get what she wants. Go ahead girl, I aint mad at cha.

Umm, yea. I don't really watch the show unless I'm chilling with my folks or with my kin folk, but YIKES, Joseline has a Stevie tattooed on her arr?


"Ciara" Ft "Nicki Minaj"
"I'm Out"


"Brian McKnight"
 "4th of July"

Off "More Than Words" Album

You know how when you see an artist and a song title and you get juiced, cuz you know it's gonna be da sh*t, and then it's not. That's how I felt about the "4th Of July".

I love "Brian McKnight", I don't know, I like my love songs slow, so maybe that's why.


"Alicia Keys"
"Brand New Me II"

Alicia Keys drops a Crystal Waters inspired remix for her song "Brand New Me", but to me, it's just some brand new junk, that i will not bump in my trunk.

But take my word, I'm not one of her biggest or a fan at all, so I could just be hate'n, ya'll.

I was not impressed with her Super Bowl performance, either......


"Swizz Beatz" Ft. "Chris Brown" & "Ludacris
"Everyday Birthday" (Official Video) 
"Ludacris" Ft. "Usher" & "David Guetta"  
"Rest Of My Life"
"Usher" - "Numb" (Official Video

Swizz Beatz Ft. Chris Brown & Ludacris 
"Everyday Birthday" (Official Video)  

"Ludacris" Ft. "Usher" & "David Guetta"  
"Rest Of My Life"

SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, EVERYBODY!!!! Please, kill me now. OMG!!! 

Who authorized this? How did "Ludacris" get hood-winked into this "Techno Rap-Crap?" I know this is "Usher's" get down, but "Ludacris" went out like "Bozo Da Clown".

"Rest Of My Life" cut me like a knife, but I need someone to stick it in and take me out of my misery....

(Official Video)

Ummmm, no comment. All I have to say is, "Has anyone seen Usher?". If you see him, don't approach him, because he is techno and dangerous, call your nearest radio dj and have them play "Confessions", and maybe he'll snap back in to REALITY. <<<Miss you "Usher", come back soon.


"Lloyd" Ft. "Roscoe Dash

Off "The Playboy Diaries" Drop'n 10/29/12

Man, I knew this was gonna happen. As soon as "Drake" came out with his "Aalyiah" track, I knew everyone was gonna be on her back. I love "Aalyiah", she's a classic and just any and everybody can't just jump on a track, and "SEXCAPADE" was whack! And let me say this, I'm a "Lloyd" fan, so this is not a diss, it just is what it is.

New Lloyd featuring Roscoe Dash "Sexcapade" from the upcoming mixtape The Playboy Diaries narrated y DJ Scream & TK Kirkland!! Get it live on 10/29 at Livemixtapes.com.


"2 Chainz" Feat "Kreayshawn
 [Official Video] 

I know some of ya'll gone disagree, but "Murder" the song and video, is whack to me.

 I got a fondness for "2 Chainz" and I try to rep "Kreayshawn" cuz she's reps the "Bay", but can't do it today.

"Murder, Murder" <Watching and listening to this video was "Murder"!!!!!!!!!


"Swizz Beatz"  Feat. "A$AP Rocky
"Street Knock
(Music Video) 


"Shifta" Ft "Lil Wayne

I'm just really not into this techno-rap crap, but maybe ya'll are.... Plus, you had to wait all the way to the end to hear "Lil Wayne" and he came lame!


"Puffy's" Piece "Cassie"
"King of Hearts"
(Official Video)

2012 Bad Boy/Interscope Records artist "Cassie" drops another track. Not sure if this is off an album, or what, but at least she's still drop'n em.

You can check "Cassie" performing "King Of Hearts" live for the first time as she reunites with "106 & Park" on April 23rd, for he first performance since "Me & U" in 2006