"Christian" Artist "Derek Minor" Ft."Dee-1" & "Lecrae
"Dear Mr Christian" (Official Video)

Twitter: @thederekminor

Eh, this is real talk off da block. "Dear Mr Christian" aint for everybody, but it's for somebody. I like that the words are written on the walls, so you can just pay attention to the message and not be entertained by the message.

I think, sometimes as Christians, because we've found the truth, the light and the way, we already know the answer, the answer is a life with Christ. So, instead of taking time to hear someone's story, and see where they've been, who they are and how they got there, we just want to tell them who they are and where they should be. I'm not saying that aint right, but what I am saying, sometimes its not so black and white. 

When you go to the doctor you've got to fill out forms and tell the doctor your medical history and what's ailing you now. He can't diagnose your problem and cure your from what you're ailing from, without knowing your history. So, in that same retrospect, we, as Christians,  got to take time with those who are coming to get fed, those who are coming to get healed, and not treat them like they're spiritually where we're at, healed, sanctified and covered in the blood of the lamb. We need to become the receptionist, at the front desk of the doctors office, and help them fill out their forms and share their history and ensure them that the DOCTOR, the HEALER, can heal them from what ever they're ailing from. Now, true, God don't need you to tell Him what's going on with his patient, but maybe the patient needs to tell you what's going on with them.... TWright (Editor of TheRealSpill.com)

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