12 Year Old "Christian" Singer "Jonathan Valencia
"Flow" (Official Video)

Twitter: @MargoSpeaks

This young man really blessed me, and drove me to tears. To see a youth, his age, worshipping God, is such a blessing. 

"Show in me, flow in me, Holy Spirit just flow.".. "I need all I can get, until I'm soaked and I'm wet, saturate me from head, to toe to water the seeds I've sown."... "When I'm feeling low and I just don't know, Holy Spirt I need your flow.".... "Sow in me, grow in me Holy Spirit go with me"... Continue to pour from above immerse me in your love, drown out my weakened flesh, so that I can start fresh....

WHAT A POWERFUL AND MIGHT SONG THAT CAME OUT THE MOUTH OF A BABE. I've been truly touched and bless by this young man, and God is obviously the biggest and most prevalent fixture in his life and his light shines real bright. SUCH A BLESSING.....TWright (Editor of TheRealSpill.com)

12/27/2013 10:35:37 am

TWright, Thank you for allowing God to use you to bless our music ministry. Jonathan truly loves Jesus and he is bold for him.
Jonathan's Mom

Latrenia Thomas
12/28/2013 08:58:28 pm

Yes the annoiting that God has placed on this young mans life is amazing!!! Jonathan has blessed our youth department with his God given talent. I thank God for him and his mother Margo may God continue to use and bless you abundantly!!

Shawn C Watkins
1/1/2014 08:04:35 am

Truly powerful lyrics! My nephew is anointed to minister God's Word thru song.

Angel Kinney
1/1/2014 08:11:33 am

It is truly a blessing to know The Lord is polishing and molding our children. The world is in desperate need of spiritual reawakening. #Flow is just that.

Elliott Kinney
1/1/2014 10:33:21 am

There is power in this song ! It gives me the chills. May The Lord continue to bless my little cousin in his ministry


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