"(10)Bay Blaps, That Slap"

"Problem" & "iamsu!" - "Understand Me"
"Nio Tha Gift" - "Forever"
"Kool John" Ft "F.L.I.P" & "Pimp Pooh" -"YES!"
"NhT Boyz" - "Put Me On"
"D-Boi" Ft "Cousin Fik" - "The Realest"
"Los Rakas" - "Let's Get it On"

"Jeremih" & "Loverance" - "F*ck You All The Time" (FreakMIx)
"G Maly" Ft. "Kool John" & "Young Gully" - "Misunderstood"
"Philthy Rich" & "J1M C2LE" Ft "Na$ty Nelc" - "Money Dance"
"Markese" & "Willie Joe" & "Ice Meez" - "The Hater Song"

Click on the "Spotlight" section to hear the rest of "Problem" & "iamsu!'s" mix tape "Million Dollar Afro".

"Problem" & "iamsu!"
"Understand Me"

Off "Million Dollar Afro" Mix Tape

Twitter: @ItsaPROBLEM @IamSu

 "Richmond" Rapper "Nio Tha Gift"

Twitter: @NioThaGift

"Richmond" Rapper "Kool John"
Ft "F.L.I.P" & "Pimp Pooh"

Twitter: @K00lJ0hn @PurpWindNFire

"Oakland" Rappers "NhT Boyz"
"Put Me On"

Twitter: @NhTboyz

(707) "Vallejo" Rappers "D-Boi" Ft "Cousin Fik"
"The Realest"

Twitter: @DboiRBR  @Cousinfik

"Los Rakas"
"Let's Get it On"

Twitter: @LosRakas

"Jeremih" & "Loverance"
"F*ck You All The Time" (FreakMIx)

Twitter: @Jeremih @Loverance

"G Maly" Ft. "Kool John" & "Young Gully"  "Misunderstood"

Twitter: @G_Maly @K00lJ0hn @YoungGully

"Philthy Rich" & "J1M C2LE" Ft. "Na$ty Nelc"
"Money Dance"

Twitter: @J1MC2LE @PhilthyRichFOD @NelcNelc

"Markese" & "Willie Joe" & "Ice Meez"
"The Hater Song"

Twitter:  @MarkeseWB @WillieJoeWB @IceMeezRX

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