(10) "Bay Tracks, That Slap"

"Who Do You Love" [Freestyle]

"Cookie Money" Ft/ "Elzie" - "Be Cool" (Official Video)
"Young T."
"Like Me"
"Rayven Justice" - "Red Nose" [R&B Remix]
"Mike Marty" Ft "B Fresh" & "Taj-He-Spitz" - "Music Loud"
"City Shawn" - "Cruise Control"
"ST Spittin" - "Hot Flash"
"Tendertrio" - "Drop Ice"
"Clyde Shankle" - "No, Gain"
"Illa Money" Ft. "Louie G The Don" - "Goin In"

"Who Do You Love" [Freestyle]
Twitter: @IAMSU

"Cookie Money" Ft/ "Elzie"
 "Be Cool" (Official Video)

Oakland California's new rap artist 6th single off of Cookies World.

"Young T.
"Like Me"

Twitter: @Young_T_Armada

"Rayven Justice"
"Red Nose" [R&B Remix]

"Mike Marty" Ft "B Fresh" & "Taj-He-Spitz
"Music Loud"
Twitter: @MikeMFMarty @tajhespitz

"City Shawn"
"Cruise Control"
Twitter: @CityShawn

"Oakland" Rapper "ST Spittin"
"Hot Flash"
Twitter: @STSpittin

"Drop Ice"

"Clyde Shankle
"No, Gain"
Twitter: @ClydeShankle

"Illa Money" Ft. "Louie G The Don
"Goin In"

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