Go, Go,Go, Go,Go 
Go "50" It's Ur Birthday, If Not, U Need 2 Party Like It's Ur Birthday

With a directorial debut from "Curtis 50 Cent Jackson", lead actor and producer credits "50 Cent" is showing himself to be unstoppable this year. With in my opinion his BEST album yet, "Before I Self Destruct" the movie and the album both release on November 17th.

"50's" album "Before I Self Destruct" will not be the soundtrack for the movie. He decided to make a different score for the film and recruited unsigned artists to record vocals. But just because the artist are unknown doesn't mean the soundtrack wont be hotI kept the music up to standards,” says 50. “I worked with it until it was right.”

10 Minutes Of "Before I Self Destruct"

"Before I Self Destruct" (Trailer)

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