(10) Tracks From "Consequence
"Movies On Demand 3" Mix Tape

"Career Killer" (Pusha T Diss) 
 "Mr. Rapfix" (Hot Water) 
 "Crying Broke
"My Foot on Their Throat
"Comic Book Flow
"Life is For
"I've Been About
 "The Kumate
"On My Own"  Ft. "KiD CuDi

"The Plagurist Society" (Pusha T Diss)


Consequence - Career Killer (Pusha T Diss) 

Consequence " Mr. Rapfix (Hot Water) 

Consequence " Crying Broke " 

Consequence " My Foot on Their Throat " 

Consequence " Comic Book Flow " 

Consequence " Life is For " Lyrics 

Consequence " I've Been About " 

Consequence - The Kumate 

Consequence Ft. KiD CuDi - On My Own

Consequence Ft. Pusha T. Diss - 
The Plagurist Society -

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