Is There A Future For A Killer, I Change My Ways
But Still That Don't Promise Me The Next Day
"Nowhere 2 Run" (Scared 2 Die), 2011

I love it and am bothered all at the same time about "Tupac" still drop'n tracks from the grave. It just shows to the studio he was a slave and all is what he gave. It just shows you can go from being a goofy back up dancer/hype dude for "Digital Underground" and go down in history as one of the greatest. Guess your legacy is yours to make, but do you have what it takes?

"Tupac's" death was such a tragic death, a life gone way too soon. He had so much to say, that some people couldn't feel his real, cuz he was too real to feel.

 "Tupac" either you loved em, or loved to hate em, but no one can duplicate him. After you check it, you have to respect it. I wonder what the "Bay's" rap game would be like if "Tupac" was still here and on his hype?

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