Im Thinking What This B-tch Thinking 
When She Take Me To Court,
I Pay My Child Support, What The F-ck She Want,
This Relationship, Shit Its Too Much For Me,
I Wanna F-ck Your Friends And Live Comfortably
She Wanna Shine And  Blow Minds 
On Shopping Sprees,
She Should Have What She Wants Just Not From Me

"She should have what she wants, just not from me". "Do You Think About Me" is gonna be the new BABY DADDY ANTHEM. I'm really love "50 Cent" right now. Think "Before I Self Destruct" is his best album yet but he's being slept on or everyone downloaded the album so there is no need to buy it, shoot we in a recession, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. The video is cool. He Got "Vivica Fox" his ex, act'n like a psycho ex, "Joe Budden's" ex, singer "Joe's'" next, "Tahiry" and actress "Tamala Jones".

You think about money 
when you think about me huh,
thats what my ex, my ex you don’t want to be her,
she used to have the beemer, 
now she own a sneaker,
i had her eating lobster now she eating pizza

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