(9) "Bay Tracks, That Crack"

"CL'Cliff"  Ft "San Quinn", "Black C" & "Matt Blaque" - "100"
"Lamar Jay" Ft. "E-40" - "Like A Pro
"Gigs510" - "Hella Dry"
"Biaje" Ft "The Jacka" & "Lee Majors", - "Old School, New School"

 "HD" Ft. "Lil Goofy" - "F*cked Up
"Loaded" -  "Blow"
"Young Dunnyz" Ft "Roach Gigz" & "Doe Bama" - "We In The Air"
"Brotha Omar" Ft "San Quinn"-"Back In The Day" 
"Nerdy Fresh" Ft. "Mari" - "From The Back

"Frisco" Rappers
"CL'Cliff" Ft "San Quinn", "Black C" & "Matt Blaque

Off  "San Quinn" Presents "CL'Cliff"
"From The Block To The Booth" Droppin Soon

@415Cliff @SanQuinn @RBLPosse @mattblaque

"Oakland" Rappers
"Biaje" Ft "The Jacka" & "Lee Majors"
"Old School, New School"

Twitter: @BIAJE2 @TheJacka @LeeMajors510

"Lamar Jay" Ft. "E-40
"Like A Pro

Twitter: @E40 @LamarJayYup

"ATNT" (All Trappin No Talkin) Presents:
"Young Dunnyz" Ft. "Roach Gigz" & "Doe Bama
"We In The Air"

Twitter: @YoungDunnyz @RoachG @DnG_AtNT

(Oakland) "Gigs510
"Hella Dry"

Twitter: @Gigs510

(N. Oakland) "HD" Ft. "Lil Goofy" (Oakland)
"F*cked Up

Twitter: @HDofBearfaced  @3rdWorldGoofy


Off Upcoming Album "Cutthroat Republic!"

Twitter: @HongryHussein

"Richmond" Rapper "Loaded"

Twitter: @Loaded510

"Frisco" Rappers
"Brotha Omar" Ft. "San Quinn
"Back In The Day

Twitter: @BrothaOmar415 @SanQuinn

16 Year Old "Nerdy Fresh" Ft. "Mari
"From The Back

Twitter: @EXPECTtheTRUTH

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