Fans line up for the home going celebration for "Michael Jackson".

The stage at the Staples Center resembled a church sanctuary with a stain-glassed backdrop.


"Smokey Robinson" read personal messages from family & friends
"Mariah Carey" & "Trey Lorenz" sang "I'll Be there"
"Queen Latifiah" read a "Maya Angelou" poem about Michael "We Had Him"
"Lionel Richie" sang "Jesus Is Love"
"Berry Gordy" spoke about "Michael"greatest entertainer that ever lived."
"Stevie WonderNever Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer." 
"Kobe Bryant" & "Magic Johnson" spoke words
Pregnant "Jennifer Hudson" sang "Will You Be There."
"Al Sharpton" spoke about the unity "Micahel" brought to the world
"John Mayer" did an instrumental of "Human Nature."
"Jermaine Jackson" sang "Smile"
Named "World Humanitarian" by House Of Representatives
"Usher" sang "Gone Too Soon"
Ended with the song "We Are The World" and "Heal The World"
"Jermiane Jackson" thanked everyone for love and support and coming
"Marlon Jackson"Michael, when you left us, a part of me went with you," Marlon Jackson said. "And a part of you will live forever within me, but also a part of you will live forever within all of us."

Several of Jackson's older brothers, each wearing one sequined glove, served as pallbearers, carrying the coffin to the stage as the Andrae Crouch choir sang "Soon and Very Soon."

An emotional "Brooke Shields", who was 13 when she became close friends with Jackson, said they bonded "because we both understood what it was like to be in the spotlight from a very, very young age." She was with him when he started wearing the one glove and said what's up with that and if you're going to hold my hand at least hold it with the hand without the glove cuz the sequins, cuz they hurt. 

At the end of the ceremony "Michael's" daughter "Paris" spoke and broke everyone down to tears with her workds about her dad. "Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine," the 11-year-old girl said. "And I just wanted to say I love him so much."


The service was very tastefully done, and people have been so busy try'n to tear this man and his legacy down, that they forget his was a father, brother, son and uncle and his family, friends and the world loved him for all the good that he did not just in music but in life, and that when you're mourning words cut like a knife, and when someone dies you shouldn't talk about the bad, only the good, cuz someone who loves him hears you.

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