Lil cutie, "Columbia Short" obviously aint short on talent. Staring in Stomp The Yard, This Christmas, Cadillac Records and Quarantine, he's now preparing to star in his new movie ""The Losers", which he's shooting in Pueto Rico opposite of "Idris Elba" and "Zoe Salanda". "The Losers" are special ops soilders cut from the government's team. "Short" will play gunner "Hooch".

Before becoming an actor, "Columbus Short", toured as a back up singer for "Britney Spears" and has now thrown his hat in the ring, to sing. Recoding his first album, he's fielding offers from several record labels. He's recording his first video in Puerto Rico while shooting for his movie "The Losers". 

Check him out at rehearsal, his back up dancers are hella gay, and his back ground singer sounds better than him, but your boy got moves, fa show. Fast forward to 3:52-6:02 to hear is good points. His band sounds real good.

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