"Adrienne Bailon" talks about the reputation she has for gett'n with different industry dudes. Who else is she supposed to choseThat's just hate'n, cuz with all her fine @ss label mates, I'd have to get me a taste too, go ahead girl do what you do.

“Yo, when I got to Def Jam, I was like I’ma go hard,” she says, lightly pounding her small fist into her palm. “Everybody I hung out with was people from the label. It’s a family. People don’t get that it’s okay to be friends with guys. I’ll do anything for him.”

But to them, her tweets to and about Loso — supporting the release of Loso’s Way, Twitpics on Fab’s boat(with a host of other people) — are a bit suspect.

“Some people was like “Oh she’s riding his dick so hard’ and I was like ‘Yo, he is my friend!’ What am I am supposed to be? A bad friend and not help him out?”


And as to rumors that "Trey Songz" and her are getting it on, it's just a yawn

 He just “likes to call me beautiful”.

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