Over the weekend, we had a chance to interview "Ahku", who stands 6ft.4, at the door. Actor, model, rapper, stand up comedian and more, but being "Ahku", is not a chore. He's doing his life, how God put it in his heart, being gracious, happy and humble, is what sets him apart. Besides being fine, he's doing his thang, making his loot, on and off, of the big and small screen. With too many credits, I'll just say a few, "Sucka Free City", "A Choice Of Weapons", "The Hustle", Streets" and "Everyday Black man". Ladies, if you want to know more, this dude, can rap, man. To see "Ahku" with us, you can catch him on our flicks, or go to www.ahkureel.com, to view some of his pics.

Fatemia Guice
5/25/2009 06:42:07 am

Hey it's good to see you doing your thang and I knew it'll only be a matter of time for your blessings to come around you know ima always love you no matter what end of the stick u poked on love you always and may God continue to work through you love Fatemia:}


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