I don't think I've had such a bigger let down than this song by "Amerie" ft "Trey Songz". "Pretty Brown Eyes" left me with pretty sad eyes. You can't take a iconic song like "Pretty Brown" by "Mint Condition" and totally change it and make it your own, only throw the original beat on in the intro, and call it "Pretty Brown Eyes". Not even sure if I liked the song cuz I got way too juiced when it came on and was let down for the rest of the song.

Yeah, there it is. This is how "Pretty Brown Eyes" is supposed to sound and anything else, aint going down.
9/16/2009 03:42:31 am

Last I checked it wasn't a remake and the original song isn't called Pretty Brown Eyes. Why on earth would you think it would be the same? That's why it's not called Breaking My Heart!

9/16/2009 03:52:01 am

It's definitely not a remake. I wasn't too crazy about the song. It's not horrible or anything, just okay.

9/16/2009 04:02:21 am

I agree with you Candice. It's not bad and probably will grow more on me, but that initial intro got me juiced and I felt like they didn't produce.

9/16/2009 04:09:28 am

Hey "I Don't know" just like you got your opinion, I got mine. Obviously you like the song since you're ride'n so hard for it. Glad you made you're comment to have more than just my opinion. You're welcomed anytime.

9/16/2009 04:10:33 am

I don't understand why they started it with Pretty Brown Eyes. It seemed like it was gonna be a remake and then it was something else. I thought the song was gonna be different. I dont know if I like it.

9/16/2009 04:15:43 am

"Janisha" I think that's what messed it up for me. I love "Break'n My Heart" (Pretty Brown Eyes) and I think if you mess with a classic, it betta be GOOD.

9/16/2009 04:19:58 am

who really cares! and I agree with Idontknow. this aint no damn remake.its a different song all together.


9/16/2009 04:34:28 am

this is just a sample people. it's not a remake. look at it as an ode to the good r&b music of the '90s. this track is dope. i appreciate amerie for bringing freshness back to the game.

9/22/2009 03:54:05 pm

the song sucks!!!!


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