"Kings" Of The Bay "E-40" & "Too Short"
Ft. "Jeremih" & "Turf Talk"
"Bout My Money"
(Official Video)


"Wiz Khalifa"
"100 Bottles"
(Official Video)

Off "Cabin Fever 2"

There is always a lot of debate, about if "Wiz Khalifa" has sold out or not. To me, because I'm not a "Wiz Khalifa" fan, but I am a respecter of his music, I liked him better when he first got signed, then I do now. All he raps about is weed and that is not enough for me.

But, at the same time, fans have to realize for an artist to have longevity, that have to grow and morph into new forms of themselves. You can't expect him to stay the same, he's going to be rapping about different life experiences, and as much as people want to stay on team #Keep It Real, lack of money and more money changes people.


"Richmond, Ca" Rapper "Kool John"
 Ft. "Rayven Justice", "Louie", & "Flip"
"Last Forever"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @K00lJ0hn @RayvenJustice @Loui3GTheDon @PurpWindNFire

"Make it last forever, and ever, ooooh, oooh, owwww, owww, owwww, owwww.... Yes, sir. This right here brings back good memories.

"Kool John" goes in over an 1987, old skool classic, by Keith Sweat, called "Make It Last Forever". Though it aint the same, it's still hot with flame!!!!!!


"Never Never"
(Official Video)


"J. Stalin" Ft "Problem" - "The Molly Song" (Official Video)
"Jonn Hart" Ft. "Problem" - "Get It Girl"

"LiveWire" CEO, "J.Stalin", gets his sang on, in his latest video called "The Molly Song". 

I'm not trying to be "Debbie Downer", it's not the song, I aint feel'n, but it's the subject of the song, I aint feel'n. Cuz, fa sho, you know, "J.Stalin", got flows.

I get smoke'n weed, been there, done that, do that, but anything else, is EXTRA'D OUT TO ME.

Ya'll grown, and have the right to do what you do, but you're trusting your life, in the hands of someone you don't know, who put sh*t, that you don't know, in these pills and you swallow them at will. For some, it aint no get back, and I just don't get that.

Plus, if "Molly's" make you sweat, I don't want no parts of that, aint no fun, in sweat'n out your perm. (lol).

"Oakland" Rapper "J. Stalin" Ft "Problem"
"The Molly Song
(Official Video)

"Oakland" Singer "Jonn Hart" Ft. "Problem"
"Get It Girl"

Twitter: 4JonnHart


"Lil Wayne"
"I Ain'T Nervous" Ft "Boo"
"Staring At The World"

Lil Wayne Ft. Boo
"I Ain'T Nervous"
Off "Rnb Source 2" Mixtape

Lil Wayne
"Staring At The World"
Off "I Am Not A Human Being 2"


"Destiny's Child" Is Back With A New Track

Hi, My name is "Tease Right" and I am a "Beyonce" hater, but I am a "Destiny's Child" appreciator, but I hated this song. The title didn't match the lyrics, the lyrics didn't match the beat, and it did not make me want to move my feet.<<Dissaponted, but patiently waiting, and mildly hating.


"Vallejo" Rapper "Cousin Fik"
Ft. "E-40" & "Rocko"
(Official Video)



"Joe Budden" Ft " Fabolous", "Twista" & "Tank
 "She Don't Put It Down" [Rmx]
"Fabolous" Ft "Chris Brown" - "Ready"

"Joe Budden" Ft "Fabolous", "Twista" & "Tank"
"She Don't Put It Down" [Remix]

"Fabolous" & "Chris Brown"

There he goes, there he goes, there he goes.... I've been waitng for my young one to find his way back home. Rihanna had my baby out there bad, but he's back on the love and slang'n knub. (lol)


"Wake Up, No Make-Up"