"Menace" Features "Lil Wayne" & "Mitchy Slick"
"Blood N*ggaz"



"Amber Rose" 
Strikes a Butt Boddie Naked Pose
Posted On "Kanye West's" New Web Site http://www.kanyewest.com/
Exposes You To Art, Photography & Fashion 
With a Passion


"My Red F*ckn We Are The World Shirt"
Made By Ricardo Tisci for GIVENCHY

Tribal by "Herring & Herring"

Fashion Designer "Savannah Wyatt"

Photography "Magdalena Frackowiak"


"Bobby V" Features "Nicki Minaj"
& Wants To Make Sure You Put On Ur
"Stilettos & T-Shirt"
When U Come Ova



Ugh, How Do You Get Arrested 
For Drug Possession After Spending Years In Prison?

Rapper Juvenile was arrested in Arabi, Louisiana on Thursday afternoon (February 25) for possession of marijuana.

According to WDSU New Orleans, the New Orleans rapper (real name: Terius Gray) was hanging out a friend's home when a neighbor called police at around 3 p.m. because of the overwhelming smell of marijuana smoke coming from the house.

When police arrived, Juve's producer Leroy Edwards answered the door and a cloud of smoke poured out of the door, said police. Edwards was searched and arrested when police found a small amount of weed on his person.

Authorities then obtained a search warrant, and later found a half an ounce of marijuana in the kitchen, which rapper Juvenile claimed as his own.

Both Edwards and Juvenile were arrested around 6 p.m., and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Both were booked and later released on bond.

The rapper was hanging out at the residence, recording music for a new album.



"Rick Ross" Features "Oj Da Juiceman & "8Ball"
"Popp'n Bottle" (Remix) 
Off His New Mix Tape 
"Timeless Audemars Piguet"


1. Rick Ross Intro
2. Veterans Day feat. Lil Wayne & Birdman
3. Incredible feat. Trae & Lil Wayne (Prod by Mr Inkredible)
4. Poppin Bottles feat. OJ Da Juiceman
5. I Am The Streets feat. Trae Lloyd The Game
6. Ballin Remix feat. U.S.D.A. (Prod by Big Hurt)
7. Video Phone feat. Beyonce
8. All I Do Is Win feat. DJ Khaled, T Pain, Ludacris
9. Pray For Me w/ Birdman
10. Rick Ross “Success Interlude”
11. Big Money
12. Do This Shit Again
13. I Wana Rock Dirty South Remix w/ Snoop Dogg, Yo Gotti, OJ Da Juiceman & Roscoe Dash (Prod. by DJ Green Lantern)
14. O Lets Do It (Remix) w/ Wacka Flocka Flame, P Diddy & Gucci Mane (Prod. by Tay Beats)
15. Rick Ross Interlude
16. Richboy Exclusive
17. Sunday Morning feat. Birdman (Prod by J Rock)
18. Hard Life
19. Deja Vu
20. Don’t Change
21. Mafia Music 2 w/ Chrisette Michelle (Prod by The Olympicks)
22. Cocaine Music w/ Yo Gotti
23. Fed Up w/ DJ Khaled, Usher, Young Jeezy, Drake & Lil Wayne (Prod. by The Runners)
24. The More I Get
25. Rick Ross Signing Out
26. Angels remix w/ P Diddy & Dirty Money
27. Don’t Make Em Like This w/ Ruben Studdard

Bonus from The H
28. Addicted to Money Ft Birdman (Prod by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)


"Rick Ross" 
Obviously Aint Bread'n 
His Baby's Mama's 
When They Got To Take Bread From 
"50 Cent"

Not the 1st baby mama "Tia Kemp", that took pictures with "50 Cent" between her legs, wrote a book, and went to "Flloyd Mayweather's mansion, but his otha baby mama from Florida, Lastonia Leviston has filed a motion to sue "50 Cent" for distribution and use of her sex tape without permission over the internet last year. (My question is he didn't steal it from her house she had to give it to him. What did she think he was gonna do with it, jack off?)

Lastonia Leviston processed her complaint (February 24) in Manhattan, alleging that "50 Cent" used the tape without her permission, and has caused her to suffer “emotional distress.”

Last March, "50 Cent" posted the video on his affiliate site www.boobootv.com as a form of psychological warfare with then rival "Rick Ross".

"50 Cent" edited the 13-minute sex tape to include himself under his short-lived Pimpin’ Curly persona. As Curly, he hurled insults at "Rick Ross" and Leviston, identified in the clip as “Brooke.”

“Double R? Does that stand for Rick Ross in the middle of her motherfuckin’ chest man?! Oh this is cold blooded man. I told n***as I was the beast from the east man. They thought I was bullsh***ing. I ain’t bullshitting  no more man. 1 minute and 30 seconds n***a. You see the tape. It only been on for 1 minute and 30 seconds,” Curly ridiculed. I want you to watch this on your tour bus Ricky. I want you to watch this on your motherf***ing tour bus Ricky. Now how the f**k you gonna say you a boss and you run a motherf**king crew and can’t even control your b**ches. Is this n***a licking on the Rick Ross tattoo? The n***a licking on the Ricky tattoo. Oooh s**t. Oooh man. Somebody need to make an announcement!”

The male participant’s face in the clip is blurred out and has never been identified. According to Leviston’s lawsuit, the tape was made in 2008.

"Rick Ross" other baby's  mama, Tia Kemp, aligned herself with "50 Cent" last year. She released a tell-all book and appeared in several viral clips, including one where "50 Cent" took her on a shopping spree.

Several months ago, Kemp brought "RickRoss" son to "Floyd Mayweather's" mansion to take pictures with "50 Cent" and the boxer.

"Rick Ross" released his third studio album "Deeper Than Rap" in the midst of the feud in April 2009. To date, it has sold over 400,000 copies.

"50 Cent’s" 4th LP, "Before I Self-Destruct", was released last November and is certified gold.

(You have to sell 15,000 for a gold disc, 30,000 for a platinum disc, 60,000 for double platinum, 90,000 for triple platinum and so on.)



I Want To Lay Down In Your Lap, 
(In You) In Your Lap, (Just You) In Your Lap 
Hit It Good And Take A Nap (Oh)
I'm Already Ready
I'm Gone Have You On Your Back
Say'n I Got Everything Ready Say'n
 You Get Up In My Lap

"Sean Garrett" don't sound like he looks. I'd think he was a rapper or a football player before I think singer but time and time again he surprises me with a win. Though I'm not too impressed with "Plies" verse on "Lay U Down" I love "Sean Garrett's" voice and what he talk'n bout.


The Non African American Is Starting To Show In
On This Self Produced Track
"100 Days WIthout Me"
(About 1:17 Is When He Comes On)



"Laz Alonzo" 
Covers Teh March 8, 2010 Issue
"Jet" Magazine



"Marques Houston" & "Soulja Boy"
"Swag Sex"
Plus Live Concert From Zurich 2/14/10


"Marques Houston" Features "Soulja Boy"
"Swag Sex"

"Marques Houston" Live In Zurich Performing
At The Sugar Lounge 2/14/10
Part 1

"Marques Houston" Live In Zurich Performing At
The Sugar Lounge 2/14/10
Part 2

"Marques Houston" Live In Zurich Performing 
At The Sugar Lounge 2/14/10
Part 3