"Messy Marv" ft. "Keyshia Cole" 
"Love Somebody"
Call The Crib, Same Number, Same Hood, It's All Good 

I got the point of adding the "Biggie Small's" sample but for me it was not needed. I was surprised to see "Messy Marv" breaking down and getting sweet on a chick, but to me that's keep'n it more real than calling chicks "B*tches" & "H*es". "Keyshia" I'm waiting to see how marriage and a baby helps her creativity to grow, but it was nice to see two of "The Bay's" best get some love off their chest.


"Travis Barker" Ft "Clipse"
"Come N Get It
(Official Music Video) 

"Clipse" drops a new video for "Come N Get It", which was produced by "Pharrell" and "Travis Barker"! 

The video, presented by "KRSP", was directed by "DanTheMan" and "DJ Whoo Kid", and was filmed using an Xbox Kinect! The video co-stars "Christina Evans" as well!

This is innovation at its finest! You can find "Come N Get It" and more crazy original remixes on "Travis Barker" and "DJ Whoo Kid's" new mixtape project "Let the Drummer Get Wicked". 


"R. Kelly
"Back To The Way

I don't believe in going back, I ex people out of my life for good reasons, but I do have one regret, and he got a chick and he aint messing with me, and I can dig it cuz I wouldn't want him to dip out on me if he was with me, but damn! It's been years and I can't get dude off my mind. I'm still dreaming about him and wish'n we could try again. He's in a better place and space, but that's how it always happens. The next one gets it better than the ex one, but if I ever get an opportunity to have it "back the way we were", I would go back with him and make my past my present and my future.

My bad, now off of me. Loved it. It's good when a song takes you off the singer and you relate the song to yourself and your life and I spent this whole song not thinking about "R. Kelly", but think'n about "Him".


"Wiz Khalifa"  feat. "Travis Barker
He's A Skinny N*gga, But He Do It Big

I don't know what "Amber Rose" got or do that makes the rappers act a fool. If you listen to "Champagne" this song is all about her. She's pretty and her body is slam'n but now either your gay or your not. If your slip'n sideways, then it's a choice not something you can "claim" your were born with. I think what bothered me is when "Wiz" said leave your girl around my girl and it's fair game. What part of the deal is that? So, I guess that means he can get with other chicks too? Hope So. But now, dudes will share their chick with another chick, but not with another dude. I'm sorry. i'm selfish, I DON'T SHARE!


"Drumma Boy
Ft. "Young Buck" & "8 Ball" & "MJG"
 "Round Me"


"Trae Tha Truth" Ft "Wiz Khalifa"
 "Gettin Paid"
Only Wear Loc's The Same As My Race (Black)

"Trae" appeared on "Wiz's" track "Phone Numbers" off "Cabin Fever" mixtape and now "Wiz" returns the favor on "Trae's" new single "Gettin Paid".

IDK, wasn't really feeling "Getting Paid". The hook didn't get me juiced, I did like the beat, but IDK something just wasn't flowing with me. Come on "Wiz" quit humpin on "Amber Rose" and get back to biz!


"Young Jeezy
"Hustle Hard" (G-Mix
(Official Video) 


"Keri Hilson"
  "Black Cloud

"Black Cloud" was produced by the "Neptunes" so I know why the beat is so funky. I don't hate "Black Cloud", but I don't love it either. I think with a drink and a dance floor I might be able to make it do what it do, but it didn't do, what it was supposed to do for me, boo.



"Chamillionaire's" new video "This My World" Feat "Big K.R.I.T." and was shot by "G Films" and was roduced by @Vmanproductions.  


"LLoyd Banks" Ft "Fabolous" & "Travis Barker"
 "Perfect Match

"LLoyd Banks" Feat "Fabolous" & "Travis Barker" on "Perfect Match" and I'm definitely pick'n up with they put'n down. Eh, "Travis Barker" is killing it, right now. I aint no rocker and didn't hardly swang that way, but I am dig'n "Travis Barker" get'n it done, on the drums.