"Me & My B*tch
(Official Video)

Just Me & My B*tch-She Hate's My Guts 
She Makes Me Sick-I Curse Her Out
She Cuss Me Out Then We Make Up, 
F*#@ On The Couch

Twitter: @philthyrichFOD

Eh, ya'll know today is the release of "E-40's" new double disc album “Revenue Retrievin’ Overtime Shift”. 

This video is dumb. "Me & My B*tch" stars "Oakland Dude", "Philthy Rich," "Thug Love'n" his b*tch. I liked that "40" put the "Public Service Announcement", but what they showed in the video is real-real, for some people. Me, myslef & Irene, would be getting em up like "I YA DADI MEAN", but "Philthy Rich", he might be a little light, but a little "Thug Passion", just might it all right. I can see like "40" said, love'n his "dirty drawls". 

Honestly, I'm down for a little tussle, but that better be on a limited occurrence only, but I really aint try'n to be with no dude that I got to fight-over or act a fool over behind, more than once. Some chicks you have to get with cuz they act like they don't understand English, but If I got to be check'n chicks behind my d*ck, then the relationship is already sick. I want my dude to rep me, take a compliment and then do it moving, so we can keep it groove'n.


"Snoop Dogg" Ft "Young Jeezy" & "E-40
"My Fucn House
(Official Video)

"Snoop Dogg’s" album "The Doggumentary" will  hit stores yesterday, March 29.


"Young Win" Ft "The Hoodstarz"
"Money On The Strip"
(Official Video)

Cuz Hoe Money Don't Stop. 
I Stay Counting Numbers Like The Hands On A Clock

Twitter: @YoungWin
Twitter: @TheHoodstarz

Official Music Video for "Young Win" called "Money On The Strip" Feat. "The Hoodstarz". Directed by "Myke Ward".


"Snoop Dogg" Ft "Mr Porter"
"My Own Way
(Official Video)


This beat is so cut-throat-killer that "Snoop" couldn't of even cam no realer. This beat is a savage! And "Snoop Dogg" rocked it, and yes, I jock'd it. Man, "Snoop" is one of them rappers who are truly blessed to be rock'n the mic since 92-to this day.

"My Own Way" is off of "Snoop Dogg's" New Album "DOGGUMENTARY" IN STORES MARCH 29.


"E-40", "Black C", "Guce" & "Yung Jun3
"My Money Straight
(Official Video) 


"Twista" ft "Lloyd
 "Bad Girl"
 (Official Video)

I don't know, My name is "Tease Right" and I like "Lloyd", now with all that said, I think he's very underrated and doesn't get the credit he's due, but I wasn't really feeling "Bad Girl". I thought the video would make me like it more, but it didn't. Not saying that I hated it, cuz I didn't, but I just didn't love it, but I wanted to.


"Gucci Mane" Ft. "Mannie Fresh"


"Keri Hilson" & "Chris Brown"
"One Night Stand
(Official Video)

Thank you Lord. At least now I know where, when and why "Chris Brown" gave that blond hair a try. All for his new video with "Keri Hilson", called "One Night Stand".

Me, Myslef & Irene, are glad that the dark hair is back on the scene. "Chris Brown" almost made me stop babysitting him, but I know "Timmy Lee" is waiting to take my contract, and we can't have her doing that, (lol). 


Feat. "Lil Wayne", "Mack Maine" & "T-Pain
"I Get Money

I Get Money On The Streets, 
Yoou N*gga's Don't Know How To Eat.
I Turn A Dime Into A Dollar, 


"BIG K.R.I.T."
9 Tracks Off "Return Of 4Eva" (Mix Tape)
"Country Shit" (Remix) Ft. "Ludacris" & "Bun B
"Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed & Encouraging Racism"
"King's Blues", "Lions and Lambs
"Highs & Lows", "Sookie Now" Ft. David Banner 
"Rotation" "My Sub" & "My Soul"

1. Return Of 4Eva (Intro)
2. Rise & Shine
3. Return Of 4Eva
4. Dreaming
5. Rotation
6. My Sub
7. Sookie Now (ft. David Banner)
8. American Rapstar
9. Highs & Lows
10. Shake It (ft. Joi)
11. Made Alot (ft. Big Sant)
12. Lions & Lambs
13. King’s Blues
14. Time Machine (ft. Chamillionaire)
15. Get Right
16. Amtrak
17. Player’s Ballad (ft. Raheem DeVaughn)
18. Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed & Encouraging Racism
19. Free My Soul
20. The Vent
21. Country Shit (Remix) (ft. Ludacris & Bun B)

Free My Soul


Big K.R.I.T - Sookie Now (feat. David Banner) 

Big K.R.I.T - Highs and Lows  

Big K.R.I.T - Lions and Lambs 

 King's Blues 

Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Ecouraging Racism

Country Shit (Remix) Feat. Ludacris and Bun B 

My Sub