"Richmond, Ca" Rapper "IAMSU!"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @IAMSU

While Iamsu! continues to churn out new music, including the Million Dollar Afro mixtape that he released earlier this month in collaboration with Compton rapper Problem, The fast-rising Bay rapper/producer is also continuing torelease new videos for his most recent, and highly lauded, solo
mixtape, $uzy 6 $peed. Today, the latest such video is for the tape’s lead single, "Mobbin", a song that, like most of $uzy 6 Speed, was also produced by Iamsu! (with co-production
from P-Lo).

The video, premiered today by FADER alongside Iamsu!’s
GenF feature, which can also be found in FADER's issue #84 currently on newsstands, was shot in Su's hometown. "We wanted to showcase all the different aspects of the Bay Area, to show off the area's diversity," says Iamsu!. "I feel like its so hard to translate the bay area experience, so we tried our best to showcase our perspective."

"Mobbin" is a term Iamsu! has said he uses to mean making progress towards your goals, large or small, and with the video for the song, Iamsu! wanted to capture that drive and attitude. To do so, he enlisted director Daghe (Chito Floriano also assisted with co-direction), who helped Su! deliver on his vision. "Both Daghe and Chito are people that understand my vision of artistic rebellion through music," notes Iamsu!. "They captured what I did sonically."


(10) "Bay Blaps, That Slap"
Official Bizzness
Ft. Taj-He-Spitz - "Picture"

Stevie Joe - "Live On The Wire"
Bobo Ft. Philthy Rich & D-Lo - "Not 4 Free"
NhT Boyz Ft. Kool John - "Imma Baller"
Lil B - "Keep Sagging" (Video) & "Giving Up" (Video)
Tez McClain Ft HBK Skipper, E-40 -  "Scoundrel"
ST Spittin Ft Kaz Kyzah, Mayne Mannish & Plane Jane - "The Red Carpet"
Flow Tha Singer Ft. Young T - "3 A.M."
D. Cannons - "Wit My Niggaz"
Kadence Ft. Smoovie Baby - "Gymnastics"

(707) "Official Bizzness" Ft. (707) "Taj-He-Spitz"

Twitter: @officialbizz707 @tajhespitz

"Stevie Joe"
"Live On The Wire"

Twitter: @StevieJoe800

"NhT Boyz" Ft. "Kool John"
"Imma Baller"

Twitter: @NhTboyz @K00LJ0HN

"Bobo" Ft. "Philthy Rich" & "D-Lo"
"Not 4 Free"


"Berkeley" Rapper "Lil B"
"Keep Sagging"
(Official Video)


"Tez McClain" Ft. "HBK Skipper" & "E-40"

Twitter: @tezmcclain @HBKSkipper @E40

"Berkeley" Rapper "Lil B"
"Giving Up"
(Official Video)


"Oakland" Rapper "ST Spittin"
Ft "Kaz Kyzah", "Mayne Mannish" & "Plane Jane"
"The Red Carpet"

Twitter: @STSpittin @kazkyzah @maynemannish  @PlaneJane12

Richmond's "Flow Tha Singer" Ft. "Young T"
 "3 A.M."

Twitter: @FlowThaSinger

"Flow Tha Singer" Ft. "Young T"

Twitter: @FlowThaSinger

(707) "Fairfield" Rapper "D. Cannons"
"Wit My Niggaz"

Twitter: @D_Cannons

"Kadence" Ft. "Smoovie Baby"


"Kendrick Lamar" Ft "Drake
"Poetic Justice" (Official Video)

"Drake" - "5 AM In Toronto"

"Kendrick Lamar" Ft "Drake
"Poetic Justice"
(Official Explicit Video)

"5 AM In Toronto"


Richmond, Ca Rapper
"Erk Tha Jerk"

"Can't Do It" Ft. "Jay Ant", "D. Bledsoe"
"Lord Help" Ft. "D Bledsoe"
"Like You"

Twitter: @erkthajerk

"Erk Tha Jerk" Ft. "Jay Ant", "D. Bledsoe"
"Cant Do It"

"Erk Tha Jerk" Ft. "D Bledsoe"
"Lord Help"

"Erk Tha Jerk"

"Erk Tha Jerk"
"Like You"





"Success Is Revenge"


(5) Tracks From Oakland Rapper "Philthy Rich"

Philthy Rich
Ft. Juvenile
"2 Things U Can't Come Back From"

Philthy Rich Ft Gunplay & Trouble - "N.E.R.F.L."

Philthy Rich ft. Fat Trel, Alley Boy - "Trap Boom"

Philthy Rich ft. OG Boo Dirty, Freddie Gibbs 
"Forgis On My Foreign"

Philthy Rich ft. Jim Jones - "Money Be Calling"

Twitter: @philthyrichFOD

Philthy Rich Ft Gunplay & Trouble

Philthy Rich ft. Juvenile
"2 Things U Can't Come Back From

Philthy Rich ft. Fat Trel, Alley Boy
"Trap Boom"

Philthy Rich ft. OG Boo Dirty, Freddie Gibbs
"Forgis On My Foreign"

Philthy Rich ft. Jim Jones
"Money Be Calling"


(707) "Fairfield/Suisun" Rapper "King Miller"
"Started From The Bottom" (Freestyle)

"Started From The Bottom" Freestyle by 707's own KING MILLER filmed and edited by CALIBLACK for SWAMP MUZIK FILMS.


"Gucci Mane" Ft. "2 Chainz" - "Dirty Cup"
"A-Wax" Ft. "Gucci Mane" & "DJ Paul" - "Make Room" (Rmx) 

"Gucci Mane" Ft. "2 Chainz"
"Dirty Cup"

"A-Wax" Ft. "Gucci Mane" & "DJ Paul"  
"Make Room" (Rmx)

Twitter: @waxfase


"Oakland" Rapper "AP-9" (OF MOB FIGAZ)

Twitter: @OfficialAP9

Ap.9 is back with a new video called Funky Expedition. The video and song is dedicated to the late great special 1 from the Conscious Daughters. The song is taken from his new album due in stores April 2013.

After I heard Ap.9 talking about how he chopped down, "Ice T's" wife's, "Coco's", tree, "Ap.9" has a new respect from me. It's not the fact that he ran the business, he tried to be cool, and she got stupid, then sh*t got real.

"Funky Expediton", is melodic dope and it was nice to see him pay homage to the original, "Funky Expedition",  spitters, "Concious Daughters".