Gracing the last cover of King Magazine, is none otha than, one of the Bay Area's Finest, Ms. Keyshia Cole. Fly and Fabulous gett'n her model on, rep'n da Bay, in a sexy way.  


Man, where is Cliff Huxtable, when you need him? I know she grown, but Rudy, I mean Keyshia Knight Pulliam, is in the building and she's feeling herself. I can dig it, but it don't mean she need to be gett'n halfway naked. She ain't Deniese, lil chicken humpn' self. It's an honor to be in King magazine, and you know I've turned them down several times, but I just hope she knows her worth. But, she still got a lil class for dat %ss. 


So, you know my ex, Nelly, was there with her. I'mma hate so bad, cuz I can. I aint even saying her name, cuz if it wasn't for her little muppet looking self, we'd still be together. Hi Hater, yeah ya'll see me.

Man, Eva got a lil fine piece. I didn't really dig em on "House Of Payne", but he's looking gooooooooood! Damn, Damn Damario. He looks like a hostess ding-dong, that I'd like to dip in my milk. Me and Lance could do the horizontal dance. ("Freak Me Baby, Oh Yeah")


Yep, it's skinny Jones, lost a lot of weight, off them bones. Said, no lie, him and Jarret was kick'n it at Subway doing they diet thang. See, you too can eat a $5.00, $5.00-footlong, and lose weight, too. So, Im gone get off this fatty, like a beef patty, on da grill, and give you da spill. Mike got a new album coming out called "The Voice". He wants to prove he's not a 1 hitter quitter. He got major dudes on here, like Trey Songz, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Twista, Jim Jones and your boy Mannie Fresh produced a banga on here. Be on the look out for his flick too, "The American Dream", detailing his life from rags to riches, from sandwiches to                                                    bi%ches! 


Man, I memba wearing leg warmers in the 7-8th grade, and thought I was the stuff. I was gett'n my "Flash Dance" swag on. Any hoo, boo. Kim took it back. Waaaaay back! Her and your gurl, Kelly Osbourne, was gett'n they skate on, at the World On Wheels, in Los Angeles, for the Pepsi Throwback Launch Partay. (Think she took it too far back, but that's just my opinion)


Sooooooooo, I don't know who's idea this was, but you Girl Ashanti, is set to play the role of "Dorthy", in the Wiz, hitt'n the New York City Center June 12-15. I just hope she don't "ease on down the road" with her gimp arm. 


See, it's chicks like her that give a baby mama, a bad name. Ms Tiallondra Kemp, is mad and hate'n, cuz her 4 year relationship with Rick Ross (William Leonard Roberts Jr) is over. So, instead of being happier than a ho in a ho house, for the child support she gett'n, she want to tell all baby dadd'y's  business, to get her 15 minutes of shine. Who really cares what she got to say about Rick Ross, except his haters? I feel bad for their son cuz his mom's a hater, and I feel bad for Rick Ross, cuz obvious she aint neva loved him, she was just try'n to juice him for his checks. If I was him, I'd take her back to court and revisit child support, since she making her own money, now.


Man, Chanel Iman, knows how to use what the Lord gave her. I aint really feeling the fit, but she's making it work for her, posing outside Mathew William's for the H&M Launch Party. Solid It Gold da, da, da da, da da da!(sorry)


Them shoes is da shisnit! Peep the heel. I'm an Alicia Keys hater, but I can't hate on her fit and them leather jean pants, got her looking hella thick.


Weeeee, kids. Fabulous is coming to Disney. Or is Disney or going to Fabulos house to play. He starting to look a lil R-Kelly ish. So, Fabolous is shooting a new video, and he got one of your Disney Cheetah Girls, Adriene
Baillun, in it.