Tries Her Hand At Rap'n & She Stinks
"Basic Instinct"-(You Got Me)



E-40", Ft "Network" ,"Mims" & "Roscoe Umali" 
Aint Nothing Funny Cuz They 
"Making Money"

Errrrraaaaaaaay! As soon as the beat hit I could not help but get my turf on to dis sh*t. I'm sure it's home grown, but "E-40' knows how to make me get my boogie on. Glad to see him back and hopefully with him, "Too Short", "Yuck Mouth" & "Richie Rich" all coming back from the grave, they'll put the "Bay" back on the map like the old days. (YEEEEEEE)


"Chris Brown" 
Wants To Be
"That Somebody"

I love "Chris Brown" when he's sweet and just singing. "That Somebody" is so sweet and gave me butterflies in my stomach. My bottom lip started to quiver and it made me start to think of the men in my past, and the none in my present, but I loved the "That Somebody" and it's effervescence. 


"Jamie Foxx" & "The Dream"
She Grind'n On Me-Grind'n On Me-Grind'n On Me
She Grind'n On Me Grind'n On Me Grind'n On Me
U Got Me All Up On Your Body
Want To Hop Up On Your Body
Want To Ride Up On Your Body
I'm Try'n To Slide Up on Your Body
I'm Try'n To Get Up On Your Body
Girl I Want, Your Body
You Know I Need It, Your Body
Can't Wait To see It, Your Body
Nobody Is Like, Your Body
Her body Aint Like, Your Body
Tonight I'mma Do, Your Body
I'm In Love With You, & Ur Body
"Your Body"

For some reason I like "Your Body". It's sexy and the way "Jamie Foxx" was sing'n to me he made me want to take off my clothes and when I did I put em back on cux nobody was there to see me. (That's okay. I'm all right. One day) Even "The Dream" didn't get on my nerves.


"B.o.B.", "Haley Williams" & "Eminem"
"Airplane Part 2"

"B.o.B." is living the life that most rappers would give their left nut for. He's got two singles on top of the itunes chart and his album "The Adventures Of Bobby Ray" drops next week. For some random reason he chose "Eminiem" on this track "Airplane Part 2", I don't feel what, who or how "Eminem" do, but it was cool before "Eminem" came to school.


"Young Jeezy"
Get'n A Little 2 Cheesy
"Trap Or Die 2:The Movie"



"Avatar" Features "Lil Wayne" & "Oshy"
Say Their Money Came Off Of The Hustle
"King Of The Streets"

"King Of The Streets" dropped actually a year ago, but I doubt you heard it. Think these dudes was try'nn to do it but never did and now that "Wayne's" on lock down they're try'n to put it down. (Smart) If you listen to the way "Lil Wayn'es" even rap'n you can tell it's at his pre-auto-tune stage. Like always "Lil Wayne" was liquid fire, but these otha dudes need to retire.


"Waka Flocka" & "French Montana"
Are Tougher Than You Thank Cuz They 
"Go Hard In The Paint"



"Wiz Khalifa"
Roll'n Up Doobies In Da Cuts



"TI", "Fergie" & "Will I Am"
Yo @ss Look Nice When You Dress Like This
I Figure We Can Go Have Sex Right Quick
Ugh-Ugh, It Aint Going Down Like That, 
Ugh-Ugh, I Don't Get Down Like That
Your Ice Stay Right & You Push A Nice Whip 
Figure You Could Take Me To The Mall Right Quick
Ugh-Ugh It Aint Going Down Like That,
I Don't Get "Down Like That"

I guess, I aint feel'n "Down Like That". I don't know what "TI" was think'n when he signed up with "Fergie" & "Will I Am". I don't know. I guess he's try'n to get back out there and try'n to do it quick so he's just mess'n with everyone, but this is not it. The only thing I like about this song was the under beat which was borrowed from "Tom Tom Club" called "Genius Of Love". This song was the stuff, and "TI" blew it and "Fergie" & "Will I Am" did not do it.

"Tom Tom Club" Hit "Genius Of Love"