The Seldom Seen Or Heard "Young Money Artist
"Jae Millz"
"One Thing" [Video]  



"Alicia Husband Stealing Keys" Is Pregnant 
With "Swizz Cheatz On His Wife Beatz" Seed

"Alicia Keys"  might have 12 Grammys, and Mashonda's husband too, and now she's got something new. A baby, as if we didn't already knew, but they wont say when the baby is due.

The 29-year-old R&B singer is pregnant with her first child, her representatives confirmed that "Swizz Cheatz On His Wife Beatz" is dat baby's pappy.

They're engaged to be married in a private ceremony some time later this year.

"Swizz Cheatz On His Wife Beatz who is 31, aka what his mama named Kasseem Dean has one son from his marriage he cheated on with "Alicia Keys" from ex wife Mashonda Tifrere and a second son from a previous relationship.


Got 11 Tracks Off "TI's
"F*ck A Mix Tape"(Mix Tape)


1. Jamie Foxx – Intro
2. Welcome Back To The Trap
3. Spazz Out (Prod. By Swizz Beatz)
4. Whatcha Saying Tip 
5. Yeah Feat. Lil Wayne 
6. Yeah Ya Know 
7. Once Upon A Time
8. Here We Go Again 
9. Get Yo Girl Feat. Rich Kid Rashad 
10. Like So (Prod. By Lil C)
11. Gettin Paid 
12. Lil Duval – F*ck A Mixtape N*gga!
13. Really Livin Like That (Prod. By DJ Toomp)
14. Whether You Like It Or Not (Prod. By Amadeus)
15. Jamie Foxx – Shooting Range
16. No Competition Feat. Young Jeezy (Prod. By Black Mob)
17. Bitch Who Feat. Macboney (Prod. By Lil C)
18. Ready Set Go Feat. Killer Mike (Prod. By No I.D.)
19. Kevin Hart – F*ck A Mixtape
20. Celebration (Prod. By J-Rock)
21. Got Your Back Feat. Keri Hilson (Prod. By DJ Toomp) (Bonus)


"Lil Wayne" & "Shanell"
"Video Teaser For 

Out of all the chicks he could of picked, he picks this. "Lil Wayne" got some bad babies mama's in his stable like "Toya", "Nivea", and "Nu-Nu" (Lauren London) but this is who he attached his wagon to to give the dragon too, boooooo! So anyhoo "Lil Wayne" and his nose chain wearing girlfriend "Shanell" who is "D Wood's" from "Danity Kane's" sister, drop a little teaser which I'm sure really pleased her. For their "Runnin" video off his "Rebirth" album.


"Ciara" Features "Bei Maejor" & "Ludacris"
"Ride" (Remix)
Jump Up On This Train Girl, Try It
 I Told You Money Aint No Thing Girl, I'll Buy It
I'm Talk'n Diamond Rings And Designer Clothes 
See You In That Video, How Could I Tell Ciara No 

Ugh, yeah. I'm not sure which version I like best, but the original video was off da hook. I purposely did not watch it cuz I'm going through a drought season and I did not want to have to give me a reason. But yeah it's hot. "Ciara" did her thang. I think dance'n wise she's up there with "Chris Brown" & "Omarion" and dem, sexiness she was up there with "Beyonce" and smashed and passed "Keri Hilson". If you aint seen it, got it for you below. Can some one say "BOODIE CALL".

"Ciara" & "Ludacris"  (Video) "Ride"


Got 6 Tracks Off Of "Rick Ross" New Mix Tape
"Albert Anastasia"


01. Diddy Intro 

02. MC Hammer 
03. Blowin Money Fast (B.M.F.) (feat Styles P) 
04. Money Maker (
05. Gotti Family (feat. Yo Gotti)
06. Fire Hazard 
07. All I Need (Birdman & T Songz)
08. Sweet Life (feat. John Legend) (Produced by John Legend)
09. Super High (feat. Ne-Yo) (Produced by DJ Clark Kent & The Remedy)
10. Knife Fight (feat. Kool G Rap)
11. White Sand Part 2 (feat. Triple C’s)
12. 300 Soldiers (Produced by L-Don)
13. Nasty (feat. Masspike Miles) *Bonus*


"Erykah Badu
Tamed Her Do To Do What She Do On
 "Jet" & "Vibe"

"Erykah Badu" is out promoting for her "Out My Mind, Just In Time" multi-city tour. She stops by "Jet" & "Vibe" to make it clear she has no reason to apologize for her nudity because she is being true to herself and her craft. 

"Erykah" covers "Vibe" for the second time for the June/July issue.


"Pleasure P"
"Made For Pleasure"
You Know You Only Live Once
Listen To Your Hear
A Body Like You Made For Pleasure
Let Me Take You Up To The Stars
Because I'm Up So Far It Must Be Heaven

Heard da hell out of dat! I aint really feel'n "Pleasure P's" voice when he's all on that auto-tune, but the song did make me want to move body and get a little naughty. "Made For Pleasure" isn't necessarily a treasure but it gave me minimum pleasure. 


"Lloyd Banks" ft "J.Cole" & "Miguel Jontel
"All I Want Is You"
I Wonder Some Time, I Wonder If I, Was Wrong
Try To Do Right By You, Got Me Here
Now All I Am Is Alone 
Cuz Girl I Knows This, & They Don't Compare, 
& I Bet All They Do Is Distract Me,
 But Now, Deep Down When I Face It
 All I Want It You

Kinda digg'n the beat off "All I Want Is You". It's sounds like some old "I'm Cool Like That" (Diggable Planets) type track. This song would find me flat on my back., to be exact. I'm a suck for sweetness, I'm not a "Lloyd Banks" fan, but since he inserted himself onto a track that was done without him, he did all right but he couldn't stay the night, "J. Cole" came in at the end of the track and brang the beat back, but who really got me was "Miguel Jontel" he sang this, did this, I like this. But it's just like a dude to mess around with a gang a chicks, you try to stay and work it out, get a new dude and then....... they want to come back cuz the see you happy with the next dude. Sad part is that they don't really want you, that just don't want you with no one else.

"Miguel Jontel" Features "Lloyd Banks" & "J Cole"
"All I Want Is You" (Remix)

"Miguel Jontel" & "J. Cole"
 (Original) "All I Want Is You"


"Janet Jackson"
Performs a Medley Live In "A I" Season Finale
"Again", "Nothing" & "Nasty"