(7 Tracks) From "Oakland" Rapper "Philthy Rich's
New Album "Funk Season:3"

"Funk A N*gga F*ck A B*tch
"Slide" ft Beeda Weeda & Ronald Mack
"3rd World To Sem City" ft LR, Lil Goofy & Lil Blood 
"4 Give Me Father" Ft Ronald & H.D. 
"Me & My Buddy" Ft Lil Rue 
"F*ck Fame
 "Turn It Up" H.D.
Twitter: @philthyrichFOD

Funk Season 3″ will soon be released and hosted by "Oakland's" own "Philthy Rich". "Funk Season:3" is an half solo/half compilation album will be released under "Thizz Nation" on July 19th. "Funk Season:3" will feature 17 songs with verses by "Philthy Rich", "Stevie Joe", "J Stalin", "Lil Rue", "Lil Blood", "HD", "Willie Joe", "Hoodstarz", "Messy Marv" & more.

01. Funk Season 3 Intro (skit)
02. Ready 2 Ride - Philthy Rich, D-Lo, Dolla Bill & Stevie Joe
03. Broke My Heart - Hawk Man, Jimathez, Philthy Rich & J Stalin
04. Fuck A Nigga Fuck A Bitch - Ronald Mack & Ant Mack
05. We Having Money - Shad Gee
06. Me & My Buddy - Lil Rue
07. Acorn 2 Sem City - Philthy Rich & J Dubb
08. Slide - Beeda Weeda & Ronald Mack
09. Bang’N - Philthy Rich, Lil Blood & Stevie Joe
10. Dope Dick - Willie Joe & Philthy Rich
11. Banana Boat - Ya Boy & J Stalin
12. Beast Mode - Stevie Joe, Husalah & Philthy Rich
13. Turn It Up - HD
14. Fuck Fame - Nipsey Hussle & Philthy Rich
15. Bring It Back To Eddy - Home Wrecka & Messy Marv
16. Money Cars Clothes & Hoes – Hawk Man, Philthy Rich & Stevie Joe
17. Late Night - A1, Philthy Rich & Hoodstarz
18. 3rd World 2 Sem City - LR, Lil Goofy & Lil Blood

Philthy Rich - 
"Funk A N*gga F*ck A B*tch"

Philthy Rich ft Beeda Weeda & Ronald Mack 

Philthy Rich "3rd World To Sem City
ft LR, Lil Goofy & Lil Blood 

Philthy Rich Ft ronald & H.D.
 "4 Give Me Father

Philthy Rich Ft. Lil Rue
 "Me &My Buddy

Philthy Rich 
"F*ck Fame

"Turn It Up


"DJ Jazz" Presents 
(4 Tracks) Lil Wayne "All Eyes On Me: 2" ( Mixtape) 

Lil Wane - "I'm Good"
Lil Wayne -"Tune Up"
Lil Wayne - "Papercuts
Lil Wayne - "Motavation" (Remix) 

  • 1.Lil Wayne Ready for the World (Exclusive)
  • 2.Lil Wayne feat YYZ T1 The Flyest (Exclusive)
  • 3.Lil Wayne Girls Forever (Exclusive)
  • 4.Lil Wayne Birdman Everywhere (Southern Smoke TV Exclusive)
  • 5.Lil Wayne Feat Birdman Dem Jeans (Southern Smoke TV Exclusive)
  • 6.Lil Wayne Ground Zero Feat Tyga (Exclusive)
  • 7.Lil Wayne Feat Drake Young Jeezy Richie Sosa Im Goin In Remix (Exclusive)
  • 8.Lil Wayne Feat Gucci Mane We Be Steady Mobbin (Exclusive)
  • 9.Lil Wayne Kobe Bryant (Exclusive)
  • 10.Lil Wayne feat Playaz Circle Big Dog (Exclusive)
  • 11.Lil Wayne feat Pimp C Slim Thug Lets Talk Money Remix (Exclusive)
  • 12.Lil Wayne Rick Ross and T.I. Got A Problem (Hood Banger)
  • 13.Lil Wayne feat T.I. Done It Now
  • 14.Lil Wayne feat T.I. and The Game Do It
  • 15.Lil Wayne Feat 2 Pac I'm Ill
  • 16.Lil Wayne Feat All Star Crazy
  • 17.Lil Wayne feat Busta Rhymes Ludacris Trow It Up
  • 18.Lil Wayne feat T.I. Whats A Goon To A Goblin

  • Lil Wayne
    "Motavation" (Remix) 

    Lil Wayne

    Lil Wayne
    "I'm Good"

    Lil Wayne 
    "Tune Up"


    "Wale" Feat. "Tiara Thomas
    "The Cloud"
    (Official Video) 

    I don't know what happened to "Wale". He was on his way to the top, it started getting rumored his was messing with "Solange" then he kinda fell off. I like "Wale" cuz he's hella chilled. He's not trying to be something he's not, but unfortunately in the Hip-Hop world, sometimes people don't want to to see creativity and individuality.

    I like "The Cloud" cuz it was simple and sweet. Plus, I can't hate on all the chocolate in the flick. Probably won't be a massive hit, but I liked it.


    "J. Cole
    "How High"

    Told ya, "J. Cole" got slept on and now these rappers are fit'n to get crept on. I've always like "J. Cole" but for some reason he didn't pop. I guess at the time between him and "Drake" there was only room for one pretty boy-light skinned rapper in the game. (lol) 

    "How High" appears on the "We Got A Buzz" mix tape.


    "Nio Tha Gift

    Twitter: @NIOTHAGIFT


    "Busta Rhymes" ft "LL Cool J
    "Killin' Em


    "Nipsey Hussle
    "Never Lose"
    (Official Video) 

    Twitter: @NIPSEYHUSSLE


    "Lloyd Banks" Ft. "Fabolous"
     "Money Chase


    "Bay Boyz"
    "Balance" ft. "Moe Green", "DaVinci"
    "Love, Hate"

    Twitter: @Balance510
    Twitter: @MoeTheDreamer
    Twitter: @DaVinci415


    Gucci Mane,Waka Flocka & Tity Boi -"Mud Music
    Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka - "I Don't See You
    Three 6 Mafia ft. Gucci Mane - "Candy Man


    "Gucci Mane" & "Waka Flocka" Ft Tity Boi
    "Mud Music

    Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka 
    "I Don't See You

    Three 6 Mafia ft. Gucci Mane 
    "Candy Man