Yeah you read the name, you know the game. The rev himself "MA$E" is on "Drake's" remix "Best I Ever Had", sounds good to hear him on a track but his rhymes are kinda whack, and he hits the track at :48.
"Quincy Jones" the original owner of VIbe Magazine is pissed telling EbonyJet "They just messed my magazine all up, but I'm gonna get it back. You better believe it, I'm going to take it online because print and all that stuff is over".

"Camron's" remix version of "Professional" ft. "Bryd Lady" and "Vado", it's grimey but it's hot, I like it alot.

"Ace Hood"-Ruthless

"Maino"-If Tomorrow Comes

"Wu-Tang-Clan"-Chamber Music

"Jamie Foxx" is all set for his 3 month 50 day tour date concert "Blame It". With the success of his album "Intuition", which reached number 3 on the charts, "Jamie" hits the stage with "T-Pain" and several other guest stars. 

Date : July 3, 2009
City : Las Vegas, NV
Venue : The Joint

Date: October 25, 2009
City: Los Angeles, CA
Venue: Nokia Theatre

Word Up, Shoot, For Real Though, Heeeey! "Martin Lawrence" and "Jamie Foxx" team up and reprise two of the funniest characters to ever hit tv, "Sheneneh" and "Wanda" are the Skank Robbers. "Me" "Timmy-Lee" & "Vee-Gee" are hitt'n this show with a bottle and some mo, ya know? It's gonna be hella funny, and worth my money. Due to release this summer.
Here's a 1:23 snippet of what looks like the making of "Beyonce's" video "Sweet Dreams". Looks dumb, couldn't make it passed 45 seconds, check it.
NFL playa for the Dallas Cowboys "Terrell Owens", one of the most outspoken but also one of the best wide receivers gets his own reality show. Premiering this summer on VH1, we see "Terrell's" personal life seeing his two best friends "Monique Jackson" and "Kita Williams" who play matchmakers and therapist who try to help his life off the field be as successful as his life on the field. I'mm keep it real, "T-O" could verbally abuse me any day. Be on the lookout for the Terrell Owens Project this summer on VH1
(Thanks for the tip Rene)

" I don't see what all the hype has been over "Kanye's" artist "Mr. Hudson", but here's his new video "Supernova" ft. "Kanye West". I stopped listening at :39 but see if you can get far enough to hear "Kanye" & tell me what's up.
"Nas" & "Damian Marley" pay tribute to "Michael Jackson" at their first show of their tour together and singing "This Day".