"DJ Khaled's"(Remix) "All I Do Is Win" (Video) 
T-Pain, Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Swizz Beatz

I think "Puffy" got a thing for big dudes, cuz he hang'n on "Rick Ross" like he "Biggie Smalls", "Busta Rhymes" had flows but who knows what he said? "Diddy" is trying to rap like he's "Rick Ross" but it aint work'n, just like that grille aint work'n to give em street cred. Do he think n*ggga's is so dumb that all you got to do is add a grill and your in? Plus he can't seem to let "Jennifer Lopez" go with the lyrics "Yeah I let you wife her, but she's still my first b*tch".


Keri Hilson, Mario, Tia Mowry, Melody Thornton, Wale, Boi-1da, Cassie, Roscoe Dash, BET's Stephen Hill, Claudia Jordan, and Lloyd
Give Chris Brown Credit, & Say Don't Sweat It

I'll have to to agree with every comment on here about the heartfelt performance by "Chris Brown" before and at the point when he began to weep singing "Man In The Mirror" at the end of his tribute to "Michel Jackson. A lot of people have thrown on the "sympathy" card but for what. He killed the performance and not even me being a woman would I cry and have snot coming out my nose and sound that bad to get sympathy. I might would of took a pause and acted like I was wiping tears while delivering the best performance of my life. People just don't realize he had so much going on last year when "Michael" died last year. He was set to do the tribute on "BET" when all this stuff broke out with him and "Rihanna", he was in court, soon after no one would play him on the radio, no one wanted to see him perform and he had to climb his way back up. "Man In The Mirror" I'm sure was symbolic for him for three reasons. #1 cause I'm sure he did a lot of self reflection, and had to look at himself like "who is this dude"? #2 this is one of my favorite songs by "Michel" and I got emotional behind it before he died. #3 "Michael Jackson" is, was and will always be an idol and icon in pop, hip-hop, rr&b and soul music and what an honor it is to be picked to give your idol his just dues. I'm sure it was a humbling experience. So, in the words of "Run DMC", "DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK, HE'S BEEN HERE FOR YEARS.

"Chris Brown" Crying During "Man In The Mirror"

Full "Michael Jackson" Tribute By "Chris Brown"
2010 "BET" Awards


"The Game" Features "Yung Joc"
"We Do it B.I.G."  
Time To Get Paid, Blow Up Like The World Trade

Yes, sir! "We Do It B.I.G." cracks. "The Game" is coming to catch his fame, and so far he aint came lame. Even "Yung Joc" who I will never stalk or chicken hawk, had a flow that was hot. I dig it, I dug, I'd push it, I'd shove it.


"J. Saleb" Ft. "Waka Flocka Flame"
 "I Like That" (Remix) 
Shorty Got An @ss On Her, I like That
Shorty Got An @ss, If You Wanna Bite Back
The Way You Move It Girl, 
You Know I Like That
Push It On Me Girl, I'mma Push U Right Back

Never heard of "J. Saleb", but he made me an instant fan. I'm dig'n "I like That" and know "Timmy Lee" gonna go off on me, but he should of just left "Waka Flocka" off. He sound like he's lost and don't know what to do with a REAL WMAN. (He's still fine though) I'll show em what to do.


Makes Bigger Moves For Bigger Bread
"Where The Dope At

Not A "G-Unit" fan nor do I want to be one. Think the last song I really liked of "50 Cent's" was "Go Shorty, It's Your Birthday". He just be starting to much with new dudes, or up and coming dudes just to keep his name relevant and to me dat's hella lame. Stay relevant in the game cuz you got fire to represent your name. Only thing I remember about this song "Where The Dope At" is that "50 Cent" was singing.


(RBL Posse's) "Black C
Features "Simon" & "A.R"
"Brand Nu"

One of "Da Bay's" Best, put it down like he's been holding something on his chest. I can dig it when a thug shows love. Dudes be act'n like chicks are only good for one thang, but a good chick is motivation as well as stimulation. "Brand Nu" is the 3rd Single off "Black C's" album in stores now called "70's Baby". (GO GET DAT)


"Trey Songz"
Performs "Yo side Of The Bed" 
& "Prince's" Purple Rain" 
(Live @ BET Awards 2010) 



"Juvenile" Features "B.o.B." & "Nino"

Uh, yeah, well. Hmmm. "Headbanger" for sure aint talk'n about the beat they flow'n to. I'm glad "Juvenile" is back and he's doing it on his own not going through "Lil Wayne" or "Birdman". Both "B.o.B." & "Juvenile's" flows was on point, guess they like chicks to smoke em like a joint?


Lets Lose Of A Snippet Of His New Song
"Fun Fun Fun"
Off The New Animated Movie 
"Despicable Me"



"UCB" Features "Wale

I like "Wale" I don't know why he be gett'n hated on and not gettin his respect. Wasn't sure if "UCB" was a group of females or not cuz their voices are hella high like they aint hit puberty yet, but "Diana" is cool. It's not great by no means, but it's light, sweet and the beat is cool. I can dig it, & if I was bald I'd wig it.