"Drake", "Rick Ross" & "Lil Wayne
"I'm On One"
(Official Video)


"Jagged Edge
"Space Ship", "Baby" (Video) & "Let's Make Love

Off Their New Album "The Remedy"

You already know that I'm loving me some "Jagged Edge" and "Space Ship" just made me want to blast off

& "Baby" with the "Happy" under be
 from "Surface", had me reminiscing about when I was young life was just sweet and fun. 

"Let's Make Love" when he said when is the last time you've been kissed for 25 minutes, that's what I'm talking about! "Making love" is more than having sex. It's the romance that goes into it. 

I'm sprung on "Jagged Edge" and their new album "The Remedy" is just what the doctor ordered, and if I had a dude, I'd be pregnant off this album. "The Remedy" dropped on June 21.

1. Intro
2. Love On You
3. Baby
4. Flow Thru My Veins
5. My Girl
6. I Need A Woman
7. Lipstick (Feat. Rick Ross)
8. Spaceship
9. Lay You Down
10. Let’s Make Love
11. When The Bed Shakes
12. Mr. Wrong
13. Never Meant To Lead You On

Jagged Edge 
  (Official Video) 

Jagged Edge 
"Lets Make Love"


"Live Wire's" Oakland Rapper "Stevie Joe
"9 Piece"



"Space Bound 
(Official Video)


"Bay" Dudes "Roach Gigz" Ft "DB Tha General"

Twitter: @roachgigz
Twitter: @DBThaGeneral

Off "B*itch I'm A Player" (Mix tape)

"Frisco" wild child "Roach Gigz" is serving up his new single "Drugs", which features ya boy, from "East Oakland", "DB The General". "Drugs" is the latest track to be released from "Roach's" forthcoming "B*tch I'm A Player" mixtape, now scheduled for a July 20th release.

Um, just by their flows you can tell that both the dudes blow. "Roach Gigz" and "DB" enjoy blast'n off and doing what they do, but "Drugs" isn't exactly an anthem for substance abuse. With the opening lines, "I've popped pills that will make the lion in wizard of oz grow balls/ I probably got holes in my brain the size of cheerios and lose change", 

"Roach" delivers something more than just rhymes. "I was trying to describe that feeling of courage you get when you pop an ecstasy pill, while at the same time warning of the damage that popping pills can have on the brain," says Roach. "I don't want to promote drugs, I just wanted to explain my experience with them."


HOU/LA/DC/NY Rapper/Singer "Miss Mykie
 "Moment Of Clarity

(Freestlye Over "Big Sean" & "Chris Brown" Like It's "My Last")

Twitter: @MissMykie

Eh, I was hella feeling this right here. Maybe cuz "Miss Mykie" was going hard over one of my favorite songs right now "My Last" by "Big Sean" & "Chris Brown", which goes over my all time favorite song by "New Edition" "Can You Stand The Rain". What eva the reason, I know she spit with heat, and she's gonna be hard to beat. "Miss Mykie" is just fly, where a lot of chicks just try".

"Big Sean" & "Chris Brown" 
"My last" 
(Dirty Video Version)

"New Edition"

"Can You Stand The Rain' 

(Official Video)


"Snoop Dogg
"Have A Blast"
(Official Video) 

Yabba-Dabba-Dont. I'm really upset with this! Ya'll know I'll rep some "Snoop" but this right here makes me feel like I stepped in poop. Who does that? 

Well, let me quit hate'n cuz I'm sure he's getting paid loot to boot, for this video shoot, but DAMN IT GINA!  Let's just say, I did not have a blast and from the looks of this video, I DONT WANT TO!.


"Tyrese"  Ft "R. Kelly" & "Tyga
"I Gotta Chick

LAAAAAAAADDDDDDIIIIIEEEESSSSSS! Man, this is the way we're supposed to make our man feel. I would love for my dude, if I had one, to know I'm down for him, and he likes that I'm down for him, so aint no need to go nowhere else cuz he's getting it how he like it, where he's at

So, if it aint like that, it's one of two thangs wrong, either you aint doing what you do right, or he aint right, and just don't appreciate it, right? True life, I'm only good to who's good, not hood to me. Just Say'n.

I swear I was waiting to hear "R. Kelly" come on, did I miss him?


"Rocko" Feat. "Plies
"Going Steady"
 (Remix Official Video) 

Man, that's why "Monica" shook this crook. Even if he shook her first, by cheating, she definitely got an upgrade with her basketball player "Shannon Brown". Man, two kids later, though?

 See, I can see if a dude tells you off the top, and you think you can change him, but if he tell you from the get, and you get got, then that's the game you bought

Maybe in Atlanta he's filet mignon or prime rib, but he just looks like hamburger meat to me. I think "Monica" made him look better than it really is, but I bet you there's a reason they got 2 kids

It's always dudes who know how to put it down, who want to put on their suit and clown. It's your choice if your stick around.


"Brian McKnight

Off "Just Me" Album

"Brian McKnight" drops his 2nd single off his newly released album "Just Me", that dropped June 14th. "Temptation" is good music. I liked it a lot. It's sweet and how "love music" used to and should be

That's what I like about "Brian McKnigt" he's not trying to be something he's not. He's not trying to rap, or have hella rappers on his track, just to help his career super crack. He keeps it real with himself and his fans, and that's why I'm love "Temptation", man. Classic tracks can never be whack.