"Freddie Gibbs"
"National Anthem" (F*ck The World
(Official Video) 



"Nicki Minaj"
 "Ice Cream Man
Put Cherries On The Top, Go Buy A Soft Shell
Go Press Some Nuts In Them Cups
 That's What's Up Now
That's My Ice Cream, That's My Ice Cream, 
That's My Ice Cream, That's My Ice Cream Man
Such A Fun Dude, I like Your Truck Too, 
When I Get Older I'm Gonna
 Come Over & F*ck You
That's My Ice Cream, That's My Ice Cream, 
That's My Ice Cream, That's My Ice Cream Man

As much as I didn't want to like "Ice Cream Man" I couldn't help to. I guess I aint gonna have no choice cuz "Nicki Minaj" is getting better to me. I just wan to hear her rap and flow and all that head twitch'n turrets spitt'n just aint where I want to be sitt'n.


"Bun B" Features "Trey Songz", "Pimp C" & "2 Pac
"Right Now"

Man, everything was cool till "Bun B". I don't know why the sound of his voice erks me, but it do. Man,"Tupac" rode this track and it didn't sound like 13 plus back. "Trey Songz" & "Pimp C" were both on point, but "Bun B" got killed on his own joint.


"Rick Ross"
"Peel Money Money Fast"
Peel Rolls
Till Our Thumbs Get A Paper Cut



"Young Cash"
"Amber Rose"
Hands In The Air If You're Single
Let's Drink, Let's Party,
 Keep Em Up If you Want To Mingle
 I Can Do What I Want
 Cuz This The Status That I Chose
But If I Do, I Hope I Get A Chick With Swag
 Like Amber Rose

"Amber Rose" is so 2009. I mean she's hot but she had her 15 minutes of fame and looks like she's gotten a little lame, since "Kanye West" no longer speaks her name. "Young Cash" on this one I would pass, but he's still got gas.


"Trey Songz" Features "Swizz Beatz"
Hit The Dance Floor Girl
 Do Your Freaky-Freaky Dance

Aint feel'n this and "Swizz Cheatz On His Wife Beatz" is really work'n my nerves trying to be like "Puffy" and put'n his voice on everyone's track. Only when he messes with "Jay Z' is the only time he aint whack. "Trey Songz" is starting to get a little commercial and poppy and is starting to sound a little sloppy. The title don't match with the title. I'm confused.


"T.I." Features "Lil Wayne"
My Whip So Cold
& My Wrist So Froze
Aint No Problem With These Hoses 
They Don't Never Say No
All They Say-Yeah, I Keep Em Saying-Yeah 
Hey They Be Saying-Yeah, We Got Em Say'n-Yeah

The hook sucks, but "TI" stepped his flow game up. Seems like all these rappers who spend time in jail come out with a new flow to tell. "Lil Wayne" partially stepped up his flow game, but I think he was partially insane, trying to shoot videos and get on every track before he went back.


San Francisco Rapper 
"Big Rich" Features "Evenodds"
"It's Bigga"
I Got So Much Ice On Me I Get The Shivers
Hate'n On That Go Figga 
Ya'll Small Time I'm That N*gga
It's Bigga, Eh, It's Bigga, Eh, It's Bigga

Yall already know "Big Rich" is da sh*t cuz, you when he rap you can smell the stench.


"Gucci Mane"
 "Trap Talk
I'm Still In My Trap House AKA My Blow Spot
So Many Chops & Glocks Cocked
No Need To Keep Them Doors Locked 
I'm Talk'n Trap Talk

"Gucci's" flows have gotten better since his time in jail, but I still can't get along with "Trap Talk", it fails.


"Bow Wow" Features "Sean Kingston"
"Put That On My Hood"