"Philthy Rich" Ft. "Rayven Justice"
I Know I Live The Fast Life & Got You Stressed Out,
I'm Nothing Like Your Ex N*gga, Leave Your Ex 

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Twitter: @RayvenJustice

Man, this is damn near gonna be my favorite song, till I get a new one. This beat slaps. It's got that old skool 80's-90's feel. It's hella sweet. I love when a dude can admit he's wrong, that he needs you, that he loves you, and you got him trip'n. That's enough to catch me slip'n even after he's been dip'n. (Naw) But, "Insecure" made me think about it. I'm love'n "Raven Justice", and you already know I'm a "Philthy Rich" snitch. I TELL EVERYTHING HE'S DOING. (lol)


"Curren$y", "Wiz Khalifa" & "Big Sean


OLD SKOOL "Wiz Khalifa" 
Prince Of The City (Freestyle) 

Off His First Album


"Oakland" Rapper "Mistah FAB" Ft. "T-Pain"
"City Night"


Wasn't really feel'n "City Night" till "Mistah FAB" came on. I'm dig'n he's switch'n his game up and growing his name up. It's bigger than the "Bay". Can't say this will be on my favorite's list, but I'm kinda "T-Pain'd" out, but "City Night" is cool, it's different.


"Bay" Dudes "Messy Marv" Ft "B-Legit"
"Love & Hate

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Twitter: @blegit72

Man, today is a good music day. Love'n "Love & Hate". Giving me a new love for "Messy Marv" and he slapped "Vallejo's" own "B-Legit" on this sh*t! Already knew it was a hit.


"Smoke DZA" ft. "Bun B", "Big KRIT
"On The Corner"


"Pill" ft."Gucci Mane", "Gorilla Zoe" & "Starlito
"Gotta Have It


"Boca Raton" (Video) 

Off "Jet Life" Tour

"Curren$y" drops a video recorded at Club Boca in Boca Raton, FL while he was on tour for his "Jet Life" tour.


"DJ Drama
ft "Trey Songz", "Tity Boi", "Big Sean" & "Teta Chico"
 "Oh My" (Remix)


Drops A Sweet Little Reggae Joint 
"No One Be Like You"

My name is "Tease Right" and I like "Wale". Always have, but it seems like when "Drake" & "J. Cole" hit th scene, he was seldom seen. I'm love'n "No On Be Like You". It's a got a cool little reggae vibe and I'm sucka for a rapper being sweet to a chick. If there was a button I'd "LIKE IT".


"Jim Jones" ft. "Meek Mill", "Fred The Godson
"Ill Be Back"