(Vallejo's) "Cousin Fik" Ft. "E-40" & "Raw Smoov"
"Mr. Moet" 

Twitter: @CousinFik 

"Cousin Fik", "E-40" & "Raw Smoov", drop for the ladies like they got something to prove. "Mr Moet" is about sip'n on something, but don't come out of a champagne bottle. And these "Bay Dudes" is giving it to you full throttle.

Love when summertime hits, cuz all rappers starting thinking about his their d*cks.... and being sweet to chicks. I aint mad at it. "Grown Up" lyrics, I'd rather hear it, over guns and dough, fa-sho.


"Trey Songz
"Simply Amazing"
  [Official Video] 


"Oakland/LiveWire" Rapper "Philthy Rich"
"They Aint Authentic" (Official Video) 

"Perfume" (Official Video)

Eh, "They Aint Authentic" is true like religion, and "Philthy" got them phonies, coo'n like pigeons.

"Oakland/LiveWire" Rapper "Philthy Rich"
"They Aint Authentic"
 (Official Video) 

"See, I Aint Into Tell'n Lies, I'm Into Spit'n Facts"

Twitter: @philthyrichfod

(Official Video)

Twitter: @lilblood_DAkid

"Hustlanity" and "Livewire" present "Perfume" official video by "J Dubb" from the Acorns Oakland, Ca featuring "Lil Blood" and "Young Nu".


"2 Chainz" Ft. "Kanye West
"Birthday Song" (Explicit) 

"When I Die, Barry Me Inside The Gucci Store"


"50 Cent" Ft "Dr Dre" & "Alicia Keys
"New Day" (Dirty)


"Roach Gigz" Ft. "Clyde Carson" - "Loco"
"Clyde Carson" - "Kill It

"Roach Gigz" Ft. "Clyde Carson

Twitter: @RoachG 

"Count Cake, Blow That Sh*t Like It's My Birthday"

"Clyde Carson
"Kill It

Twitter: @clydecarson

The new single from "Clyde Carson" after the smash "Slow Down", "Clyde" does slow it down a little on this Sho-Nuff production so he can "Kill It".


"Mary J. Blige"
"Don't Mind"
(Official Video) 


"J. Cole
"The Cure"

"Cold World, The New Nat King, 
If I Aint The Illest N*gga, I'm His New Vaccine" 



"Oakland" Rapper Fresh Off House Arrest 'KAFANI"


"Weight Scale"

I'm Not Trying To Be Funny, 
I'm Try'n To Be Missionary Lying On Top Of My Money