Drops A Dedication Video To "Lil Wayne"
"F*ck These B*tches"
(Official Video)

Even though they look like the shot the video in "Timmy Lee's" garage they still got cameos by "Vado", "Waka Flocka" & "Jim Jones" and the biggest boodie chick I done damn near seen in my life. (Must Be Nice)


"Rick Ross"
Is Give'n "Slim Thug" A Diss Toss
"King Boss"
(Slim Thug Diss)

"Officer Ricky" done made me picky. I swear I used to have his back when he first came out and "50 Cent" was funk'n with him but now, he's really work'n my last nerve like get'n pulled over by the police for no reason except I'm black.

As for the beef between "Slim Thug" and "Rick Ross" not sure if it's still going on but I know in 2007 it was funks on because on Lil Wayne's song I "Represent 4 Da South" which features "Young Jeezy" and "Rick Ross". Ya boy "Rick Ross"  starts the song off with "I ain't no Slim Thug, Imma Fat Mack/ I don't give a f*%k I'll push yo hat back". In this song,"King Boss", he says you got a n*gga with credit but what it slmmy like". Neither one of them is enough to make me get upset, but I guess in the rap world subliminal jabs are only meant for those who catch it. But now when he said "She dated "Slim Thug" now she f*ck With me, she finally made it to the biggest boss luckily". Now that sh*t right here n*gga, that sh*t right there n*gga is enough to make me hot.


Frisco Rappers Unite To Put The Anthem To Light
"Lucci"  & "Screl" (Of The Click Clack Gang) 
Feature "M-Lott" & "Jinx
"The City is Mine
Official Video 



"Lil Wayne
Let's Loose A Snippet Of His New Single
I Make Her Say My Name In Capital Letters
I'm A Nasty Guy, Don't Ask Me Why
Just Ask Me How, & I'll Show You Proud
Her Head Is Gone, She's In The Cloud
And When She Rains, Man She Pours Down
And I Be The Fella, Without An Umbrella
Ma You're Finer Than A Wine Cellar

Ended too quick for me to decide if I liked it or not. The techno type beat I wasn't feel'n and his rhymes sounded like out takes that didn't make it on another song.


Goes PG With "F*ck You", Plus "50 Cent" Remix
I'm sorry I Can't Afford The Ferrari
But That Don't Mean I Can't Get You There
Guess She's An X-Box, And More Atari
But The Way You Play Your Game Aint Fair

Love "Cee-Lo" for "F*ck You". Keep it real or don't keep it at all. He even made "50 Cent' sound good over this track. The old skool beat is perfect for "Cee-lo's" sound and he got down.

"Forget You"

"50 Cent" (Remix) Wth "Cee-Lo"

"F*ck You" (Original) With Lyrics On Screen


South Bay "San Jose" Artist 
"Aggrevated Assault" Features 
Frisco Artist "San Quinn
"How I Get Down"
(Official Video)



"Waka Flocka Flame"
"We Need That"
Ball'n So Hard You Can See My Swag On Free-Throw

Guess that's what happens when you're as square as a waiting room chair, but I don't care. I really aint interested in even try'n to figure out what they talk'n bout cuz it aint none of my business. You do what you do, and I do and I'mma do what I do. Only thing I need is a bottle of Henn, a dance floor and tall skinny dark skin dude to dance with, anything else can get put back up on the shelf. But now, I'll give it to "Flocka" "We Need That" is damn near a nock'a.


"Wiz Khalifa"
2 Unreleased Tracks
"All Over The World" & "Too Late"



"OJ Da Juiceman"
(Official Video)
I Be Dead Fresh Like I'm Lay'n In A Coffin
$400 Shoes, So I Guess I'm Coogi Walk'n

Uh, is "Coogi" still in? I know when I took my son Jowahn school shopping this year I seen some "Coogi" on sale and he looked at me like I was trying to send him to hell. I know "Coogi" was big like 2 years ago, but out here in "Da Bay" don't think we still get'n down with the "Coogi" way, and I thought the video was gay.


"Dirty Money" feat. "Drake"
 "Loving You No More
Try Not To Over Think, 
Only Cuz I Drove & I Had A Lot To Drink

This is the first song from "Dirty Money" that I can honestly say that I like. "Dirty Money" would of actually been cool without adding "Drake" on it rapp'n. He was cool when he was on the hook, but his rap had my head shook.