"Philthy Rich" & "ROD
"Hold Me Down"

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Man, ya'll already know that I'm a sucka for a rapper sweet on a chick, so there's no mistaken, I love dis sh*t! "Philthy Rich" is one of my favorite "Bay Area" rappers. He's breathed new breath of life in the rap game and the "Bay" will never  be the same. Slap "ROD" on the track, and you're guaranteed to put a chick on her back.


"Gucci Mane" & "Waka Flocka Flame
"Young N*ggaz"
 (Official Video) 


(10) Tracks From "Consequence
"Movies On Demand 3" Mix Tape

"Career Killer" (Pusha T Diss) 
 "Mr. Rapfix" (Hot Water) 
 "Crying Broke
"My Foot on Their Throat
"Comic Book Flow
"Life is For
"I've Been About
 "The Kumate
"On My Own"  Ft. "KiD CuDi

"The Plagurist Society" (Pusha T Diss)


Consequence - Career Killer (Pusha T Diss) 

Consequence " Mr. Rapfix (Hot Water) 

Consequence " Crying Broke " 

Consequence " My Foot on Their Throat " 

Consequence " Comic Book Flow " 

Consequence " Life is For " Lyrics 

Consequence " I've Been About " 

Consequence - The Kumate 

Consequence Ft. KiD CuDi - On My Own

Consequence Ft. Pusha T. Diss - 
The Plagurist Society -


"Fabolous" Ft. "Riz


"Jae Millz" Ft. "Gudda Gudda"
"Category 5
"Green Goblin" (Remix) 
Ft. Gudda Gudda, Tyga, Lil Twist & Cory Gunz 


"Jae Millz" Ft. "Gudda Gudda"
"Category 5

Jae Millz- "Green Goblin" (Remix) 
Ft. Gudda Gudda, Tyga, Lil Twist & Cory Gunz 


"Ace Hood"
(Official Video) 


"Young Jeezy" Ft "Freddie Gibbs

Off "The Real Is Back 2"


"The Weekend" ft "Drake
"The Zone"

Off The "Thursday" Mix Tape

Ummmm, I don't know what da hell this is, kids. I thought I'd give it a shot, but "The Zone" is not hot. I tried to stick it out to the end to see if "Drake" was worth my wait, but really "The Zone" is worth my hate, and it aint even about "Drake". He doesn't even come on till 5:15, and by then I was irritated with listening to 5 minutes of whale moaning. It might of been cool if they cut off like 2 minutes, but she aint "Prince", "Michael Jackson" or "Too Short", and her song was too long.

Maybe I needed to be high, or maybe she was too high....


"Lloyd Banks
"Love Me In The Hood"

"Stay'n Where I Stood, They Love Me In The Hood" 

I'm not a big "Lloyd Banks" fan, but I do like him. He's lasted longer in the game then I thought he would. He's come under his own, and made the rape game his home. At times I hear a little "50 Cent" influence in his rhymes, but that's only to be expected when you're a part of a crew. As for "Love Me In The Hood", I don't live in the hood, but the track is all good.


"Brick Squad 1017" Rapper "Frenchie"
"So Gone"
(Official Video) 

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