(10) "Bay Tracks, That Crack"

"Roach Gigz" - "Murder Scene" (Official Video) 
"Lil B" - "Spontaneous Combustion" (Music Video) 
"DaVinci" Ft. "Freddie Gibbs" - "MYOB
"Tori Quinn" Ft. "JC" - "Act Up
"Chayse Bank" Ft. "Smoovie Baby" - "On"

"That N*gga Drizzle" & "Prince Dirty" - "I'm From Da Town"
"J-Roc" Ft. "Turfeazy" & "Chippas" - "Nothing
Armani Depaul Ft Sage The Gemini & Smoovie Baby "Somthing Strange"
"HD" - "Talent In The Bay"(Official Video)


"Richmond"/"Sic Wid It" Rapper

Twitter: @LarooThh

"Frisco" Rapper "Roach Gigz
"Murder Scene"
(Official Video) 

Off "Bugged Out" Dropping 9.4.12

Twitter: @RoachG

"Berkeley" Rapper "Lil B
"Spontaneous Combustion
(Music Video) 


 "Frisco" Rapper "DaVinci" Ft. "Freddie Gibbs

 "The MOEna Lisa" Drops Oct 17th

Twitter: @DaVinci415 @FreddieGibbs

"Tori Quinn" Ft. "JC
"Act Up

Twitter: @runamukprod's @toriquinn10 & @runamukJC

(510/707) Artist "Chayse Bank" Ft "Smoovie Baby"

Twitter: @ChayseBank @SmoovieBaby

"Oakland" Dudes
"That N*gga Drizzle" & "Prince Dirty"
"I'm From Da Town"


Twitter @datniggadrizzle

"Frisco" Rapper "J-Roc
Ft. "Turfeazy" & "Chippas

@RocBoy874 @Turfeazy @NHTYangChippas

"Richmond" Rapper "Armani Depaul
Ft "Sage The Gemini" & "Smoovie Baby"
 "Somthing Strange"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @ARMANIDEPAUL @SageTheGemini @SmoovieBaby

"Oakland" Rapper
"HD" (President of Bearfaced Ent.)
 "Talent In The Bay"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @HDofBearfaced


Old Skool Chicks, Still Make'n Hits

"Aaliyah"  Ft. "Drake" - "Enough Said
"Brandy" Ft. "Chris Brown" - "Put It Down" (Video)

MAAAANNNNN!!!! Who authorized this? I've been waiting for these rap dudes to jump on "Aaliyah's", hype, I'm surprised it wasn't done way before now, but this is some BULL!!!!

Man, "Aaliyah", sounded GREAT, BEAUTIFUl & ANGELIC, but "Drake", came over this track HELLA WHACK!

She's talking about baby talk to me and he's talking about dudes and other chicks rather their hate'n or what ever, instead of being sweet to "Aaliyah". I didn't get it. 

Now, I'm not riding on the "slow bus", I get he's spill'n his guts about industry woes and saying what's on his mind, but this is "Aaliyah", not some ratchet hood chick, and from her hook it sounds like a relationship track, not a n*gga's is hate'n on me track.<<SMH

"Brandy" Ft. "Chris Brown"
"Put It Down
(Official Video)

"Girl I Know You Fancy, But This Party I'm Financing"

Ummm, if this aint the theme song to my life. I need to go ahead and put this in with my disclaimer on the waiver right next to my "no stalking" clause. (lol)

I'm actually feel'n this right here. "Imma put it down, you gone fall in love". 

>>Sheeee's Back!!! "Brandy", still sounds like herself, which I give her much respect for. She even tried to get her flow on, a lil bit. She held her own, really didn't need "Chris Brown", but he put it down, like he was supposed to. And him with no shirt, makes me want to lift my skirt. <<Lil Boy, Lil Boy.....


"DJ Khaled
Ft "J. Cole", "Big K.R.I.T." & "Kendrick Lamar
"They Ready"

Ft. "Nas", "Scarface" & "DJ Premier
"Hip Hop

 Ft. "Kanye West" & "Rick Ross
"I Wish You Would/Cold" (Official Video) 

"DJ Khaled" Ft. "Nas", "Scarface" & "DJ Premier
"Hip Hop

"DJ Khaled
"I Wish You Would/Cold"
 Ft. "Kanye West" & "Rick Ross" (Official Video) 


"Rick Ross
"Amsterdam" (Official video) 

"Bag Of Money" (Remix) 
Ft. Rick Ross, T-Pain, Omarion, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne, & French Montana 

"Bag Of Money" (Remix) 
Ft. Rick Ross, T-Pain, Omarion, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne, & French Montana 

"Rick Ross
(Official video) 


"Trey Songz

 "Almost Lose It
 Ft "Rick Ross" - "Don't Be Scared

Man, from the title, I didn't think this would be a wedding type song, but I do like the words coming out of his mouth.

 I think "Almost Lose It" is sweet for the meaning, but wasn't really feeling it. If the whole song would of been like the break down at the end of the song, it would of been the bomb!!!! (3:07)

"Trey Songz" Ft. "Rick Ross"
"Don't Be Scared


"Wiz Khalifa" Ft. "K Young
"In The Air

Twitter: @RealWizKhalifa @K_YOUNG


"Gucci Mane
Ft "Jim Jones" -"Kansas" (Official Video) 
& "El Chapo"

"Gucci Mane" Ft "Jim Jones
(Official Video) 

"Gucci Mane
"El Chapo"  



"Truth Or Truth"
"See Dead People"

Off "Gangsta Grillz" Mixtape Dropping Before Their "Welcome To: Our House" Album

Twitter: @Slaughterhouse

"Slaughter House" getting ready to release their album "Welcome To: Our House" drop 14 minutes of funk for you to slap in your trunk, "Truth Or Truth", is sooo dope

"Truth Or Truth"  is what you want to slap on the way-way, light what you light and ride out for the night.

"Truth Or Truth" (14:26)

"Slaughter House
"See Dead People"


"Go Get It"
 [Official Video] 


"Kendrick Lamar" Ft "Young Jeezy"
"Westside, Right On Time"

Eh, this beat is smack'n. "Kendrick Lamar's" first verse put the curse on the track, and guaranteed "Young Jeezy" couldn't come whack.