"Ludacris" Features "Lil Scrappy"
 "Everybody Drunk



"Oakland" Rapper "Kafani
 "Feelin Like" & "This Is How We Do It"
(Official Music Video) 


Kafani - "This Is How We Do It" (Music Video) 


"The Jacka"  & "Ampichino"
"Hustle In The Rain", "Devilz Reject 2"
(Mix tape)

Something about that "Hustle In The Rain" that made me want to listen to it over and over again. "Akron", an Ohio emcee "Ampichino" and Bay Area favorite "The Jacka" are set to release the sequel to 2007’s The Devilz Rejectz-36 Zipz. House of the Dead is part two of their horrific saga and continues in the same vein as 36 Zipz with more tales of the harsh realities of street life.  It also features guest verses from Bay Area mainstays Mistah F.A.B, Yukmouth and Berner. The first single “Hustle in the Rain” ft T Nutty & Husalah is already gaining radio buzz. The album also enlists the expertise of producers Joe Millionaire, Bannon and Golden I 95.

All I can say is that these beatz slap 
and you sleep'n you need to wake up from this nap.

"The Jacka" & "Ampichino" Ft "T Nutty & "Husalah" "Hustle In The Rain" 

The Jacka & Ampichino Ft Rydah J Klyde
 "Devilz Reject"

"No Tears" 
The Jacka and Ampichino


"Keri Hilson
Performs for High School Students 



Bay Area Rappers "J Stalin" & "Lil Kev"
"Women & Money"
(Mix Tape)
"Waste Yo Time", "Unda You", "If You Heard Of Me", 
"I Need You", "Anytime", "Runaway"
& More

"J. Stalin" & "Lil Kev" drops new mix tape called "Women And Money 2010" is with tracks featuring "Lil Rue", "Shady Nate, Bailey "Dre Blunt", "Gary Hawkins", "Mayback" and "Stevie Joe". Can't be mad at this at all. Aint nothing sexier to see a thug have a soft spot with a chick and she don't have to be a "B*tch".

1.One Reason
2.Fast Forward
3.What U See
4.Unda You (Feat. Lil Rue)
6.Last Call (Feat. Shady Nate, Bailey)
7.If U Heard Me (Feat. Dre Blunt)
8.House Party
9.That Swagger
10.Waste Yo Time (Feat. Gary Hawkins)
12.U Remind Me
13.Yo Sunshine (Feat. Lil Rue)
14.Out The Box
15.There She Go
16.Stuck On You (Feat. Mayback)
17.I Need U Feat. Stevie Joe 

"J.Stalin" & "Lil Kev", "Gary Hawkins"
"Waste Yo Time" 

"Unda U" 
J Stalin & Lil Kev ft. Lil Rue & Mayback 

"I Need You"
J Stalin & Lil Kev ft. Stevie Joe 

"If U Heard Of Me" 
J Stalin & Lil Kev ft. Dre Blunt 

J Stalin Ft. Lil Kev 

"If You Heard Of Me"J Stalin Ft. Dre Blunt 

J Stalin & Lil Kev

J Stalin & Lil Kev 
That Swagger 

J Stalin Feat Lil Kev
 "One Reason" 

J Stalin Feat Lil Kev 

J Stalin & Lil Kev Ft. Lil Rue
"Yo Sunshine" 


"Skee TV
Brings You The Nations Top 10 Hip-Hop Countdown 
September 27th 2010 

"DJ Skee" counts down the nations top 10 Hip Hop records that includes Kanye West JayZ Swizz Beatz Nicki Minaj "Monster" "Power Remix", Fabolous "Lights Out", Eminem featuring Kobe "Talkin 2 Myself", J. Cole "Higher", Wacka Flacka Flame Roscoe Dash "No Hands",Rick Ross "BMF", Lil Wayne featuring Drake "Right Above", Drake "Up All Night" Drake featuring Swizz Beatz "Fancy".

 You don't agree with countdown? Call in @ 1-877-60-HIPHOP or email DjSkee@siriusxm.com


"Lloyd"  feat "50 Cent
"Let's Get It In
I Wish I Had Time To Get To Know You, But I Don't
I Wish I Could Be Here In The Morning, But I Won't
So Let's Get It In, Girl, So Let's Get It In Girl

Getting ready to release his fourth album "King Of Hearts" later this year," Lloyd" introduced you to the first single "Lay Down"  and now has thrown "50 Cent" on the second released single "Let’s Get It In" borrow from the old skool song "Just A Touch Of Love".


"Hell Of A Night"
(Official Video)



Ice Cube, DPG, Warren G, DJ Quick & More Perform Live At the "Kday 93.5
"Back In The Day Hits" Concert

We The West, wethewest.com, Kday 93.5, Fresh Fest 2010, Nokia Theater, WeTheWest.com Catches up with Rodney-O & Joe Cooley, Kid Frost, DJ Quik, The Lady of Rage, Lil 1/2 Dead, Tha Chill, Comptons Most Wanted, Tha Dogg Pound, Warren G, Danny Trejo, Annimeanz.


"Warren G" Performs At "Fresh Fest" 2010  WeTheWest.com KDAY 95.3 (Part 1) 

"Warren G" Performs At "Fresh Fest" 2010 
 WeTheWest.com KDAY 95.3 (Part 2) 

"Dogg Pound" 
"Nothin but the Cavi Hit"
 93.5 Kday Fresh Fest 2010 

Ice Cube - What Can I Do - 93.5 
Kday Fresh Fest 2010 

Warren G and tha Dogg Pound 
- Aint No Fun - 
93.5 Kday Fresh Fest 2010 

DJ Quik - 
93.5 Kday Fresh Fest 2010 

DJ Quik 
 Lets Get Down 
93.5 Kday Fresh Fest 2010 

Ice Cube feat. WC 
- Check Yo Self -

Ice Cube
 - What Can I Do - 
93.5 Kday Fresh Fest 2010 

Ice Cube feat. WC 
- Bow Down - 


"Stevie Joe" Dropped His 
"80's Baby" Album
Dropped 9/21/10


"Stevie Joe's" album "80's Baby" features tracks from "Philthy  Rich", "Mistah F.a.b.", "Lil Blood", "Clyde Carson", "Kaz Kyzah", "Freddie B", "Willie Joe", "Dotrix 4000",  "Yukmouth",  "J. Stalin", "Shady Nate" and "Bay Area" rap hip hop instrumentals. Straight gangsta beatz!

1.Intro (Epitome)
2.Pass The Crown 
3.80's Baby
4.Once Upon A Time
5.No Mo
6.Good Where I'm At ft. Philthy Rich, Mistah F.A.B., Lil Blood
7.Dope ft. Clyde Carson, Kaz Kyzah
8.Hit A Lick
9.Portrait Girl ft. Freddie B
10.Clockin ft. Willie Joe
11.Callin' All Bosses ft. Dotrix 4000
12.How I Rock ft. Yukmouth
13.Bust A Nut ft. Philthy Rich, J.Stalin
14.Make Her Say ft. Philthy Rich, Shady Nate, Kaz Kyzah
15.Black Eyes
16.Shan's Song
17.80's Baby (Remix) 

"Stevie Joe"
 "No Mo" 
(Official Video)

"Stevie Joe" & "Yukmouth"
"How I Rock"

"Stevie Joe"
 "80's Baby"  

"Stevie Joe" 
"80's Baby Remix" (Official Music Video) 

Stevie Joe, Clyde Carson, Kaz Kyzah 

Stevie Joe f/ Philthy Rich & Lil Blood 
"Good Where I'm At" 
(Official Music Video) 

Stevie Joe
 "Hit A Lick" 

Stevie Joe, Willie Joe 

Stevie Joe 
"Black Eyes" 

Stevie Joe, Freddie B 
"Portrait Girl" 

Stevie Joe, Philthy Rich, Shady Nate, Kaz Kyzah - "Make Her Say" 

Stevie Joe 
"Pass The Crown" 

Stevie Joe &Dotrix 4000 
" Callin' All Bosses" 

Stevie Joe, Philthy Rich, J.Stalin 
"Bust A Nut" 

Stevie Joe, Philthy Rich, Mistah F.A.B., Lil Blood - "Good Where I'm At" 

Stevie Joe 
"Once Upon A Time" 

Stevie Joe shoots a tribute video to his wife "Shan" who he lost January 19,2008. He gathered the family together on the one year anniversary to celebrate her life..