(9) "Bay Tracks, That Crack"

"CL'Cliff"  Ft "San Quinn", "Black C" & "Matt Blaque" - "100"
"Lamar Jay" Ft. "E-40" - "Like A Pro
"Gigs510" - "Hella Dry"
"Biaje" Ft "The Jacka" & "Lee Majors", - "Old School, New School"

 "HD" Ft. "Lil Goofy" - "F*cked Up
"Loaded" -  "Blow"
"Young Dunnyz" Ft "Roach Gigz" & "Doe Bama" - "We In The Air"
"Brotha Omar" Ft "San Quinn"-"Back In The Day" 
"Nerdy Fresh" Ft. "Mari" - "From The Back

"Frisco" Rappers
"CL'Cliff" Ft "San Quinn", "Black C" & "Matt Blaque

Off  "San Quinn" Presents "CL'Cliff"
"From The Block To The Booth" Droppin Soon

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"Oakland" Rappers
"Biaje" Ft "The Jacka" & "Lee Majors"
"Old School, New School"

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"Lamar Jay" Ft. "E-40
"Like A Pro

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"ATNT" (All Trappin No Talkin) Presents:
"Young Dunnyz" Ft. "Roach Gigz" & "Doe Bama
"We In The Air"

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(Oakland) "Gigs510
"Hella Dry"

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(N. Oakland) "HD" Ft. "Lil Goofy" (Oakland)
"F*cked Up

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Off Upcoming Album "Cutthroat Republic!"

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"Richmond" Rapper "Loaded"

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"Frisco" Rappers
"Brotha Omar" Ft. "San Quinn
"Back In The Day

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16 Year Old "Nerdy Fresh" Ft. "Mari
"From The Back

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"Wiz Khalifa" Drops

"Wiz Khalifa" & "2 Chainz" - "It's Nothin" [Official Video] 
"Wiz Khalifa" Ft (The Bay's) "iamsu!" & "Problem" -  "Bout Me
"Wiz Khalifa" - "STU" (So Turned Up) (Video) 
"Wiz" Talks About His "2050 Tour Ottawa
"Wiz Khalifa" Ft. "Juicy J" - "MIA"

"Wiz Khalifa" & "2 Chainz"
 "It's Nothin

[Official Video] 

"Wiz Khalifa" Ft (The Bay's) "iamsu!" & "Problem
"Bout Me

"Wiz Khalifa
"STU" (So Turned Up
(Official Video) 

Talks About His "2050 Tour Ottawa"  

Quick recap of the 2050 for each day we're not too trippy to post something. let us know how you like it and which city you come to.

"Wiz Khalifa" Ft. "Juicy J"

Off "Cabin Fever 2


(707)'s FINEST

"Taj-He-Spitz" - "Poker Face" (Freestyle)
"Taj-He-Spitz" - "Clique" (Freestyle)
"Taj-He-Spitz" - "Unthinkable" (Freestyle) 
"#TeamVallejo" - "Seven Oh Savage"

(707) "Fairfield" Rapper "Taj-He-Spitz
"Poker Face" (Freestyle)

Twitter: @tajhespitz

(707) "Fairfield" Rapper "Taj-He-Spitz
"Unthinkable" (Freestyle) 

Twitter: @tajhespitz

(707) "Fairfield" Rapper "Taj-He-Spitz
"Clique" (Freestyle)

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"Vallejo" Group "#TeamVallejo
"Seven Oh Savage"

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"Meek Mill" Ft "Nas", "John Legend" & "Rick Ross"
"Maybach Curtains"
"Rick Ross" Ft "Diddy", "2 Chainz" & "Kanye West"
"Birthday" (Remix) 

"Meek Mill" Ft "Nas", "John Legend" & "Rick Ross"
"Maybach Curtains"

 Off "Dreams & Nightmares"

"Rick Ross" Ft "Diddy", "2 Chainz" & "Kanye West"
"Birthday" (Remix) 


"Kendrick Lamar" Ft "Drake"-"Poetic Justice"
"A$AP Rocky"

 Ft "Drake", "2 Chainz" & "Kendrik Lamar"
"F*ckin Problem"

"Kendrick Lamar" Ft. "Drake
"Poetic Justice"

"A$AP Rocky
Ft "Drake", "2 Chainz" & "Kendrik Lamar"
"F*ckin Problem"


"E-40" & "Too Short" Ft "Travis Porter"
"Dump Truck

(Official Explicit Video) 

Twitter: @E40 @TooShort @TravisPorter 


"Ashanti" Ft. "R. Kelly
"That's What We Do


"Kanye West
"White Dress"


"Gucci Mane" Ft "Birdman
 "Get Lost
(Official Video) 

Off "TrapGod"


"Joe Budden" Ft "Lil Wayne
"She Don't Put It Down Like You