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This past week Drake debuted the Hit-Boy produced record "Trophies" which didn't make his album Nothing Was The Same while he was at the Barclays Center in New York. The track has been a topic of discussion ever since Drizzy teased fans about it back in September. Earlier than that, we've now realized the record was used in Drake's trailer for NWTS. All this to say that fans are excited to hear the collaboration, which Drake finally spoke on with Revolt TV.

Although "Trohpies" didn't actually make the final cut, Drake says, "I wouldn't even call it a left-over. It was definitely on the album. I know Hit-Boy's gunna see this and be like 'pffft,' it was definitely on the album."

Drake explained what went wrong with the track, "I'm not a 'just throw it together' kinda guy. And I had two different hooks on there, I didn't like either of them. I started sending it around and as great of a job as other people did, it didn't sound right if I wasn't on the hook. I always wanna do my own hooks for the sake of my performances. I don't like being off a hook, 'cause then I can't really give you a moment if someone else is doing the hook."

He went on to confirm that he will be dropping it soon, and he also revealed he has other unheard material in the cut, which we will also hopefully get to hear in the near future.

"I'ma drop 'Trophies' though. I'ma finish it up and drop 'Trophies.' We got some stuff we did for the Aaliyah album, that's crazy. I got a record with YG, that's crazy. The Wu-Tang Forever remix is sitting there just waiting..." Drake trailed off.



"Game" Ft. "Lil Wayne", "Big Sean", "Jeremih"
"All That" (Lady)


(10) "Bay Blaps, That Slap"
"Lil Ro" Ft. "E-40", "J. Minixx" - "Stay Out My Bidness"
"One Drop Scott" Ft. "B-Legit" & "Harm" - "All Night Party"
"Molly Boys" Ft. "Too Short" - "Twerk"
"Capo Click" Ft. "J. Stalin" - "Hood Rich"
"Iamsu's Heart Break Halloween"
"Lil Blood" Ft. "J. Stalin" & "Stevie Joe" - "Never Tell"
"Rhino" & "TC Kapone" Ft "Shady Nate" - "Fly Wit It"
"Lover Lover Player Boy" Ft "Kool John" - "You See Me"
"Dosia Bo" Ft "Messy Marv", "Fetti Mac" - "Deep Dish Rims"
Matty Slims Ft Ziggy - "Loose Ends"

"Vallejo'' Rapper "Lil Ro" Ft. "E-40", "J. Minixx
"Stay Out My Bidness"

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"One Drop Scott" Ft. "B-Legit" & "Harm
"All Night Party"
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"Molly Boys" Ft. "Too Short
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(Vallejo) "Work Dirty" Presents: "Capo Click" Ft. "J. Stalin"
 "Hood Rich"
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"Iamsu's Heart Break Halloween"
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It's no secret that Iamsu! and Sage The Gemini are two of the most talented, prolific, and successful young artists in rap right now. Between the two of them, they've churned in no less than a half-dozen Billboard charting singles - "Gas Pedal," nearly certified-platinum single which features both Su! and Sage among them, along with "Red Nose," "UP!," "Function," and more. What's lesser known is that, together, Iamsu! and Sage make up part of one of the most talented young crews in rap, HBK Gang, a crew that not only is experiencing far-reaching mainstream success across the board - HBK member P-Lo produced Yo Gotti's "Act Right" - but dominating the West Coast.
Last week, all of HBK Gang - Iamsu!, Sage The Gemini, P-Lo, Kool John, Jay Ant, Skip, Rossi, and CJ - put on a special concert, Heart Break Halloween, in the process selling out the 1,400-capacity Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. Video director David Camarena was there to capture the action, as the hyped Bay Area crowd came out, in Halloween costumes, to support their buzzing hometown heroes.

"W. Oakland's" "Lil Blood" Ft. "J. Stalin" & "Stevie Joe
"Never Tell"
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 "Rhino" & "TC Kapone" (San Jose) 
Ft. "Shady Nate" (Oakland)
 "Fly Wit It"
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"Lover Lover Player Boy" Ft. "Kool John"
 "You See Me"
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(San Diego) "Dosia Bo
Ft. (Frisco) "Messy Marv" & (San Diego) "Fetti Mac"
 "Deep Dish Rims"
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"Miami/Frisco" Rapper "Matty Slims" Ft "Ziggy" (San Jose)
 "Loose Ends"
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"Yo Gotti" Ft "Ne-Yo" & "Wale
"Respect That You Earn


"Rick Ross" Ft "Future"
"No Games" (Explicit Video Release)


"Eminem" Ft. "Rihanna"
"The Monster"


"The Way We Ride" (Explicit)


"Snoop Dogg" Ft. "Kurupt" & "Daz Dillinger"
 "Bad 4 Me
[Official Video]


"B o B
"All I Want"