"Skillz" Drops His Annual 
"Rap Up"
Recap Of Rap/Hip Hop/NewsFor 2009

Man, "Skillz" got mad slillz and drops some vicious bars not meant for kids and tells it like it t-i-s. From Obama, Octomom, John & Kate, Drake, Trey Songz, Amber Rose, Kanye West, Cash for Clunkers, Jay z, Rihanna, Chris Brown, H1N1, Lil Mama, Nas, Nicki Minaj, Jerk'n, Diddy, Jamie Foxx, J-Lo, Tiger Woods, Mo'Nique, DJ AM & mo.



"Yung Joc" 
Has "Money To Throw" With His New Video
 Off Of His Mix Tape
 "Grind Flu"

“Money To Throw” is from "Yung Joc" and  features "Montana Da Mac" off of Yung Joc’s mixtape, "Grind Flu". "Money To Throw" of course samples "Birdman’s" hit “Money To Blow” which featured "Drake" and "Lil Wayne".


Tool On Deck, Why Would I lie 
N*gga You A P*ssy Hope You Got 9 Lies 
I Can Hit A Nigga With The 9, Nine Times
Country @ss Boy, Country Like Leann Rimes
Mississippi D-Banner In Little Weezyana
 Everybody Got Tools, So You Will Need A Hammer
I'm A Pill Pop'n Animal Syrup Sip'n N*gga
So High You Couldn't Reach Me 
WIth A F*ck'n Antenna

Eh, this track goes hard, so I'm glad I'm already home, cuz "Lil Wayne" & "2 Pistols" just hit me over the dome. Their "Like A Knife" is not too gangster but gangster enough and when I was spitt'n "Wayne's" lyrics it made me feel tough.


Didn't Like The Way She Worked It, No Diggity, 
So He Had To Bash It Up

See, this is why grown men don't need to play with video games cuz they don't know how to separate fantasy from reality. 43 year old singer "Teddy Riley" from the group "Blackstreet" who used to like the way you work it, no diggity, guitar bashed it up. Apparently on December 23rd he was in his Los Angeles home with his two daughters when an argument broke out and he picked up the guitar hero guitar and threatened to beat his two daughters with it

The details have not been fully released but apparently he picked up the guitar and started “stomping, punching and bashing them”. His daughter Taja Riley who is 18 was probably the one running her mouth the most and got the worst beating stated "Teddy Riley" lifted a Rock Band guitar and "threatened to kill person(s) w/ it.” Taja, is the only black female dance in  "Janet Jackson's" new video "Make Me", and was probably in the building feel'n herself too much.

It has been reported that Taja claims she suffered several injuries in but whoop'n including “bashes to temple, contusion on face” and “pain in knee.”

"Teddy Riley" has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Taja until their next hearing which is set for some time in January. (Guess she got to find somewhere else to live.)

Imma be honest kids are rude, disrespectful, unappreciative and feel entitled to your money as a parent. I can't say what happened cuz I wasn't there. I'm not say'n that it was right that he beat her with a guitar hero guitar but back in the day your parents or grandparents would pick up what was next time them rather it be a shoe, vacuum cleaner extension cord, tell u to go get a switch WHATEVER. So I'm not condoning what he did, but it seems like according to his twitter statement below which has now since been removed, he feels justified for his actions as a parent of an unappreciative child.


"No Diggity" (Video) "Blackstreet"


Another Day Another Reminder 
That your Not Her With Me
I Watched The Snowflakes Falling From The Sky
I Get Lost In Memories 
 Time We Tried To Build A Snowman
The Time We Tried To Count The Stars
Crazy How We Didn't Know Then 
That We'd Ever Be Apart

I was really try'n to feel "Rihanna's" song "I Just Don't Feel Like Christmas", but I just can't. She used to be my girl but the way she handled this whole deal with her & "Chris Brown" just kinda messed it up for me. She stayed quiet till her album was about to drop & now that "Rated R" was a flop now she wants to drop a love song about missing him, but I aint buy'n it & obviously nobody else did either.


"John Legend" 
Celebrates His 31st Birthday
Born December 28, 1978

"John Legend" and his girlfriend "Christine" celebrated his 31st birthday in New York at a nightclub called "SL"

"John Legend" & "Estelle"

"Ludacris" Perk'n For Sherk'n

"Ryan Leslie"


Man, Oh My Goodness-Oh My Goodness
"J. Holiday"
 Made Me Do A Retake When He Did A Remake 
Of "Kanye's" Song "Love Lockdown"
I loved It, Dug It, & Already Pushed & Shoved It

I'mma be honest, I like "J. Holiday" and his voice sure don't match his face, but something about the way he sung "Kanye's" song "Love Lockdown" put him on a whole nuva leva. I never knew what "Kanye" was talk'n about until I listened to "J. Holiday's" version. 


Sprung About The Return Of The 
Hope I Get To See More Gay Gangster Rappers 
In Pink Tank Tops & Flip Flops 
(Homies Ova Hoes)

Man love me some "Boondocks" damn near the funniest cartoons I've seen. They take what you think and just run with it in a whole notha direction. So It's been officially announced after their 2nd season in 2008 that the 3rd season of "Boondocks" is done and will be released in about 3 months.


"Homies Ova Hoes" (Gay Gansta)


Came Across A Picture Of Us Today
Reminded Me Of How We Used To Play
Knowing All My Cares Blew In The Wind
Felt Like Those Days Would Never End
Now The Hardest Thing To Learn 
You Were Never Really Gone Away 
I'll See You Again, I'll See You Again Some Day
When I Climb The Stairs & Meet You There 
Cuz Love Don't Go Nowhere
& You Gone See Me Marching Up Each Steps
 Until I Reach Heaven's Door

I'll be honest I'm not really crazy about the way "Alicia Husband Stealing Keys" is singing this song, but when you take time to listen to the lyrics it's really a nice, sweet and comforting song. So, I like it but I'm probably just hate'n because it's her.


Fresh Out The Whip & A N*gga's So Tough
Line So Long We'll Be Waiting Forever
Walk Right Though & It's Just My Luck 
Yo, Shawty Is Catching My Eye
Cruise'n Through The Crowd
 With My Swag Turned Up

I'm not sure if I like "Like This", from "Day 26" but then I do. It depends who's singing but I like the beat and I like the hook and the first verse of the song, but something about it aint really doing it for me. Was'nt feel'n, but never do, "Jermaine Dupri's' verse