(8) Tracks From "Menace Tree"
 "Pray For Me" (Live)
(7) "Jaws Of Life" Mix Tape
"Open Wide", "Contender" "Give You life"
"The Proclamation","Cry It Out
"I Can Do All Things"


Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to take the time to introduce you to the November 26,2011 winner of the "2Racks Rap Contest" hosted by "Sellassie" and "In-house Talent", in San Francisco, "Menance Tree"!!!!!

What makes this win so incredible is not the fact that he raps good and won, its the fact that he was the only NON_SECULAR rapper. He was the only one in the house rep'n GOD. Which proves that when God blesses you with a talent its not limited to the church, its not limited to your 4 and no more, that you are so supposed to go out to the streets, go where the sinners are and God will rev up your engines like a brand new car.

Though "Menace Tree" won 2g's, that's not the reason he won to me. He won because he was not afraid to go into the lion's den and preach the word of GOD. He was not afraid to stick out and be different. But the real reason, was so that he could preach the word of God in a language that the sinners could hear, to be a vessel for the Lord to come near.

If you'd like to check "Menace Tree" out live, he goes to rep his title, again, in  San Francisco 01/21/2012, Seattle 02/23/2012, and Los Angeles 03/10/2012.

Depending upon who you ask about this gentleman you’ll receive a plethora of aliases "Rapsody", "Mr Clean", "Mr. Seldom Seen" or "Menace Tree", despite the wide range of aka's the thing that remains the same  is the anointing on his music

"Donald Ray Johnson III"  known as "Menace Tree" (pronounced Ministry) has been a minister of music for well over a decade. Although music is his passion he considers the wife of his youth, for over 10 years, and their 4 children to be his 1st ministry

In January 2003 "Menace Tree" released his first album entitled “Manna“ under the name "Rapsody" from his "2:11 Muzik" record label which was well received in the "Bay Area" and raised the bar on many levels for "Gospel Rap/Holy Hip-Hop" artists. 

"Menace Tree" is a 2009 graduate of the "School Of Worship Arts" program at "The Ministry Training Institute" in Vacaville, California. His resume includes ministering at numerous juvenile institutions, adult correctional facilities including Pelican Bay State Prison, colleges, churches, and the list goes on. 

A native of Fairfield/Suisun, California "Menace Tree’s" heart is to bring Jesus Christ to his community, his county, his region, and across the globe. Above all, he aims to remain available and in proximity to the throne that he may be able to effectively communicate the heart of God to people of all walks.

In 2010 "Menace Tree" did it again releasing his "Jaws Of Life" mix tape with some old and some old made new tracks, that still slap. "Menace Tree" has a hard hitt'n style, that makes you want to slap da beat and turn up the dial

While you will be entertained by his metaphors, delivery and flow, he makes is plain that "Christ" is the only way to goGod is prevalent and relevant in every track he spits and that's why "Menace Tree" is comfortable where he sits. Not in it for the money, recognition or fame, "Menace Tree" is in it to save souls, and bring glory to God's name.

Facebook: MenaceTree 
Email: menacetreemuzik@aol.comAim 
AIM Screen Name: menacetreemuzik
Record Label: 2:11 Muzik

"Jaws Of Life" Tracklisting: 
1. Give You Life 
2. I Can Do All Things 
3. AMP (Availeth Much Power) 
4. Contender 
5. Fairfield-Suisun ft. Choirboy 
6. The Proclamation 
7. Cry It Out 
8. Open Wide 

"Menace Tree"

Off "Jaws Of Life" Mix Tape

"Menance Tree"
"Give You Life" (Live)
Off "Jaws Of Life" Mix Tape

"Menace Tree"
Off "Jaws Of Life" Mix Tape

"Menace Tree"
"The Proclamation"
"Off "Jaws Of Life" Mix Tape

"Menace Tree"
"I Can Do All Things" (live)
Off "Jaws Of Life" Mix Tape

"Menace Tree"
"Open Wide"
Off "Jaws Of Life" Mix Tape"

"Menace Tree"
"Pray For Me" (live)

"Menace Tree""Cry It Out" (live)
Off "Jaws Of Life" Mix Tape


Canton Jones Ft. Deitrick Haddon, DPB & Mr. Del

(Official Video) 

Off His (2) Disc Album "Dominionaire"
Check Out Info About "CAJO University" Bellow

"CAJO University"


If you rap, sing, dance or preach and are between the ages of 12-18 you need to sign up and audition for "CAJO University". Which is an opportunity to perform in front of "Canton Jones" and be critiqued and encouraged to perfect your God given talent.

** Audition at one of these  locations throughout Metro Atlanta.**

Dec 1st
Center of Hope Ministries
492 Roy Huie Road
Riverdale, GA 30274

6:30pm to 9:00pm

Dec 10th
Trinity Chapel
4665 Macland Road
Powder Springs, GA 30127

10am to 1pm

Dec 3rd
Worship with Wonders Church
425 Ernest W Barrett Pky Nw, #F1
Kennesaw, GA 30144

10am to 1pm

Dec 17th

Divine Faith
1522 Mundy’s Mill Road
Jonesboro, GA 30236

10am to 1pm

Please come prepared to perform a 30 to 60 second audition. Please
note that all singers and rappers are required to perform acapella

A sound system will be provided for dancers
Producers and writers, please bring your demo tracks or email in advance to cajouniversity@gmail.com.


"Marvin Sapp
"My Testimony"

Off His New Album "I WIn" Out 3/13/12

Check out the new single "My Testimony" by "Marvin Sapp" from his upcoming release "I WIN", in stores 03.13.12.

Something abut "Marvin Sapp" that just makes you want to get on your face and praise and worship God, at his feet. He really helps to usher in the presence of the Lord with the anointing that God has blessed him with . A mighty man of God, with a mighty gift from God, doing his job.


"Oakland" Female "Holy Hip Hop" Rapper "R.E.I.G.N"
(8) Tracks Off "R.E.I.G.N.'S" Self Titled Album "R.E.I.G.N"
(Reaching Everyone In God's Name)

Twitter: @everydayreign

What I like about "R.E.I.G.N" is that she keep it real and she's not afraid to express how she really feels. She comes hard but she comes with the word, in a style for a female, that I have never heard.

"R.E.I.G.N" is from "Oakland, CA", so you know she's got to rep God in a "Bay" way. "R.E.I.G.N" which means "Reaching Everyone In God's Name", is loving known as "California's Leading Lady" cuz she's far ahead of the pack and holding it down like that.

Rapping is not for her fame or gain, but to bring glory to God's name. God put us each on earth with our own mission, and "R.E.I.G.N" is definitely do her part, making big noise in the "Holy Hip Hop" industry.
Check out (8) tracks off her self titled album "R.E.I.G.N".

Twitter: Everydayreign
Facebook: Everydayreign

R.E.I.G.N. "Intro"
Off "R.E.I.G.N"

R.E.I.G.N. "Born To Make It Reign"
(Official Video)Off "R.E.I.G.N"

R.E.I.G.N. Ft. Chris D 
Off "R.E.I.G.N"

R.E.I.G.N. "Take It"
Off "R.E.I.G.N"

"Sinful Nature"
Off "R.E.I.G.N"

"Getcha Blessin"
Off "R.E.I.G.N"

"My B.I.B.L.E."Off "R.E.I.G.N"


"I'm Wit It" (Bonus Track)Off "R.E.I.G.N"


"theBREAX" feat. "Lecrae" & "J.R." 
"Never Arrive"
 (Official Video)


"Gospel" Singer "Earnest Pugh"
 "I Need Your Glory"

Get ready to be blessed by the anointed and Godly appointed talents of Mr. "Earnest Pugh" singing "I Need Your Glory" at the  historic "Ebenezer Baptist Church".


"Richmond,CA" "Holy Hip Hop" Rapper

(12) Tracks Off "D.O.P.E." Album
(Dominating On Purpose Everyday)

" (Official Music Video) 
"Be Me", "OK", "We On Top",
"Ready 4 Whateva" Ft. "Black Knight
"Freezin' Faces", "Miseducation"
"Skyscraper Dream" ft. "Black Knight"
"Oo Oh" ft. "Young Rell" aka "Young Tower
  "LIFERs" ft "Sky Manzanetti
"Tomorrow" ft "Melinda Watts"
"Next In Line" ft "Kia

Twitter: @transparent82.com

"Dwight Taylor Sr"., a.k.a. "Transparent", is an International gospel rappermotivational speaker, and mentor. This 2010 Stellar Award Nominee, for "Hip Hop Gospel CD of the Year" won the "Best of the Blessed" Artist of the Year award at the 2009 Christian Music Awards (CMA). 

"Transparent" was also nominated for 6 categories at the 2009 "Rejoice Gospel Music Awards", where he was blessed to take home the "Best Male Gospel Hip Hop Artist (unsigned)" and "Gospel's Rising Star" award. He has shared the stage with such artist as "CeCe Winans", "News Boys", "Brian Littrell" of the "Backstreet Boys", "Canton Jones", "Lecrae", "Tonex", "The Katinas", "Tremaine Hawkins", "Everyday Process", "Leeland", "R-Swift", "Dj Morph", "Frontlynaz", "Mark  J", and many more.

Originally from "Richmond, California", "Transparent" is currently residing in "Fairfield, California". He is a Bishop O'Dowd High School and Fresno State University Alumni with a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development

In November 2005, "Transparent" began to follow two callings that God had placed on his life. The first, ministering the gospel through music, and the second, starting his own non-profit Christian organization called "On Purpose Inc.," designed to cater to the youth of both Contra Costa and Solano County

While living in Richmond, he was actively involved in volunteer work at the Coronado YMCA and in 2006 he was honored with the "Volunteer of the Year" award from The West Contra Costa YMCA. From 2006-2008, "Transparent" held positions with Alternative Family Services as a case manager/Independent Living Skills Specialist for foster care and adoption children. His dual passions for children and spreading the Word of God are what fuel's his determination to live his life in an upright and "Transparent" way. 

In 2007 "Transparent" began taking over the gospel music scene by storm. In March, he won the American Christian Talent Search and in June he participated in the CMA. Nearly two years later on January 27th, 2009, "Transparent" released his eagerly awaited debut album "L.I.F.E."(Living In Favor Everyday), which has been globally recognized. In September 2009, "L.I.F.E" was released in Australia followed by a two-week promotional tour (his third tour in Australia). While touring he was privileged to minister in Melbourne and Brisbane Australia. On November 21st, 2009, "Transparent" performed live in front of 11,000 spectators, plus the millions who viewed this on the SHOWTIME network. On this special night, "Transparent" brought to the ring the Super Middleweight Boxing Champion Andre "SOG" Ward, with his worship/rap anthem "The GREATEST".

Today, "Transparent" has ministered at approximately 250 different venues across the world (Churches, Cruises, High Schools, Colleges, Talent shows, and Award shows). Every Sunday, he currently ministers to theyouth and guards at the Solano County Juvenile Hall and uplifts and inspires them through his music. Along with his dedication to empowering youth, "Transparent" also uses the medium of television to present the gospel.

Wherever you find "Transparent", be it ministering through musicsharing his life on "Transparent T.V." or just speaking into the lives of the youth he encounters, it is relevant that throughout these great accomplishments, his focus remains the same, which is to "Advance the Kingdom one second at a time."

Facebook: Transparent82

Youtube: Transparent82
Website: Transparent82.com 
Myspace: Transparent82
Email: thelifestyleministries@gmail.com
Email: onpurposeinc@yahoo.com
Youtube: Life Style Ministries 
Youtube: http://www.ustream.tv/ilife

For Booking:
Contact Living The Dream Firm at 707.718.0753 or livingthedreaminfo@gmail.com





3 Nights | 3 Events | 1 DOPE Weekend!!

(Official Video)

Off "D.O.P.E" Album


Off "D.O.P.E" Album

Transparent Ft Black Knight"
"Ready 4 Whateva"  
Off "D.O.P.E" Album

"Be Me
Off "D.O.P.E" Album

"Freezin Faces
Off "D.O.P.E" Album

Transparent Ft Black Knight
"We On Top"

Off "D.O.P.E" Album

Transparent"Skyscraper Dream"Off "D.O.P.E" Album

"Next In Line
"Off "D.O.P.E" Album

"Round Here"
Off "D.O.P.E" Album

Off "D.O.P.E" Album

Off "D.O.P.E" Album

Young Rell aka Young Tower 
"Oh Oh"
Off "D.O.P.E" Album

"Transparent" speak about being "D.O.P.E."


"Christian" Comedian "Michael McDaniels
As "Donnie McClurkin" Bringing Rick RossChappelle, Denzel & Mike Epps to the Altar !

Twitter@ IamMcDaniel!

Who says being a Christian aint fun? We can still have a Godly time, minus the cuss words and graphic subject matter. Aint nothing wrong in getting your praise on and getting your laugh on. God made us with two lips to smile and laugh with and this brotha "Michael McDaniel's" had me crack'n up

Make sure to check out his DVD called  "Out of My Mind" DVD! Purchase at www.IamMcDaniel.com/store. 


(707) "Vallejo,CA" Holy Hip Hop Rapper
(5) Tracks "Qheem the Redeemed
"Body Language"

"Jehovah Dose
"Ought to See"
"Son Shine"
"Live Without You"
"Body Language"

Twitter: @qheem316

One of the realest dudes you will ever meet on and off the streets. "Qheem the Redeemed" coming straight out of "V-A-L-L-E-J-O" returns with his sophomore project, featuring some of the kingdom’s greatest lyricist. K-Drama, V. Rose, Tha GIM, J-White & Lee Majors, Sevin, D-M.A.U.B., Knine, F.a.R…. if you loved the "Water Bottle" album, then you got to get "Body Language".

"Qheem" was born in Vallejo CA, and raised in a close knit community known as the "Country Club Crest". "MAC DRE" (R.I.P.) gave "Qheem" his start as a featured artist on the "Rompalation" in 1996. After his transformation, God birthed inside of him a ministry that deals with real issues inside and outside the four walls of the church

Myspace: qheem
Press Contact: Living The Dream
Booking Agent: Kia Taylor (707) 718-0753 

Qheem The Redeemed
"Jehovah Dose
Off "Body Language"

Qheem the Redeemed 
"Ought to See"
 Off "Body Language"

Qheem the Redeemed 
"Son Shine"
Off "Body Language"

Qheem the Redeemed Ft. Sevin & Knine
"Live Without U"
 Off "Body Language"

Qheem the Redeemed ft. D-Maub & K-Drama
"Body Language"
Off "Body Language"


"Gospel" Singer "James Fortune" & "FIYA"
"Make A Sound

Twitter: @MrJamesFortune

Off His Upcoming Album "Identity"

In this edition of JFTV, our access has been granted behind the scenes of the exclusive, in-studio performance of the infectious, Aaron Lindsey-produced "Make A Sound", as he counts down to the release of his new album "IDENTITY".