"R. Kelly", been in the business for 17 years and is finally pull'n a "Prince" move. With his highly anticipated album "12 Play 4th Quarter", done and sitt'n in the wings, waiting to be released, "R. Kelly", announced at "The Velvet Room", in Atlanta, with "Jazzy Phae" and "DJ Infamous", that he's changed the name of the album, and its just going to be untitled. "Kells" is leaving it up to his fans to listen to the album and see what we think, and name it what eva we want, is he drunk?


Don't worry kids, "R. Kelly" didn't dye his hair blond, and put in extensions for nothing. This was on the set for his video, "Hair Braider". I don't care what the reason is, you don't go around look'n like Cisco, for no reason! It's rule #3 in the Straight Man's Handbook. 

1. Wanna Make A Baby
2. Hair Braider
3. Skin
4. Screamer
5. At The Same Time
6. Whole Lotta Kisses
7. Might Be Mine
8. Son Of A Bitch
9. Go Low
10.Freaky Sensation
11.Two Seater
12.Playa's Get Lonely

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