M-E-T-H-O-D. So, there was a method to his madness. Apparently, a 23 year old Atlanta man, named Aubrey Louis Berry, was acting scary. Through his attorney, he released a statement. Berry felt threatened by "Dolla" and his entourage. They had an altercation earlier that month in an Atlanta night club. He stated that "Dolla" and his crew are blood affiliated. With a chance encounter that they both came from Atlanta, and seen each other in the same city (Holly Wood), at the same restaurant (PF Changs) and when they seen each other, thangs jumped off again. They got into it, in the restaurant's bathroom and then followed him to the valet parking, where he feared for his life, and began shooting in self defense. This dude is dense. He got in his car and could of been done, cuz if your scared, your punk @ss runs. "Dolla" was standing on the curb, and didn't fire no shots, when he got popped, so all that's just nonsense, and he could stop!

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