(10) "Bay Blaps, That Slap"
Official Bizzness
Ft. Taj-He-Spitz - "Picture"

Stevie Joe - "Live On The Wire"
Bobo Ft. Philthy Rich & D-Lo - "Not 4 Free"
NhT Boyz Ft. Kool John - "Imma Baller"
Lil B - "Keep Sagging" (Video) & "Giving Up" (Video)
Tez McClain Ft HBK Skipper, E-40 -  "Scoundrel"
ST Spittin Ft Kaz Kyzah, Mayne Mannish & Plane Jane - "The Red Carpet"
Flow Tha Singer Ft. Young T - "3 A.M."
D. Cannons - "Wit My Niggaz"
Kadence Ft. Smoovie Baby - "Gymnastics"

(707) "Official Bizzness" Ft. (707) "Taj-He-Spitz"

Twitter: @officialbizz707 @tajhespitz

"Stevie Joe"
"Live On The Wire"

Twitter: @StevieJoe800

"NhT Boyz" Ft. "Kool John"
"Imma Baller"

Twitter: @NhTboyz @K00LJ0HN

"Bobo" Ft. "Philthy Rich" & "D-Lo"
"Not 4 Free"


"Berkeley" Rapper "Lil B"
"Keep Sagging"
(Official Video)


"Tez McClain" Ft. "HBK Skipper" & "E-40"

Twitter: @tezmcclain @HBKSkipper @E40

"Berkeley" Rapper "Lil B"
"Giving Up"
(Official Video)


"Oakland" Rapper "ST Spittin"
Ft "Kaz Kyzah", "Mayne Mannish" & "Plane Jane"
"The Red Carpet"

Twitter: @STSpittin @kazkyzah @maynemannish  @PlaneJane12

Richmond's "Flow Tha Singer" Ft. "Young T"
 "3 A.M."

Twitter: @FlowThaSinger

"Flow Tha Singer" Ft. "Young T"

Twitter: @FlowThaSinger

(707) "Fairfield" Rapper "D. Cannons"
"Wit My Niggaz"

Twitter: @D_Cannons

"Kadence" Ft. "Smoovie Baby"

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