Whoo Used Who?

In a recent interview "Beanie Sigel" reveals "50 Cent" used him for a publicity stunt and he's not singing to "G-Unit."Beanie" revealed during an interview with "The Source" magazine, that  "50 Cent" used him to ignite some interest in his album "Before I Self Destruct". But "Beanie" says he aint not punk and do not be fooled cuz he knew what it was when it was "50 Cent" may have used "Beanie", but "Beanie" used "50 Cent" too.

“If 50 Cent is using Beans to do what he’s going to do, that’s cool,” the rapper told "The Source". “But at the same time, Beans is using 50 Cent to do what I need to be done. So at the end of the day, we use each other, but we don’t misuse each other.”

Even though Beanie is still no signed to a major recored company but is excited about the release of his upcoming project, "Roc Boys" set to be released February 23, 2010

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