"Reggae" Dude "BESCENTA
"Hold A Joy
(Mix Tape) 

"Bescenta" drops a his official mix tape called "Hold A Joy", and if your down, or just aint feel'n it today, "Hold A Joy" will help to get you on you way.

I dedicate and  shout this post to my sister and friend "Vee Gee" of "Dime On A Dime", going through some thangs, this past week. Really sorry to hear about the passing of your grandma, and I know it's hard to not have tears, because she was a great women, and will be missed, but she was spunky and had joy in her life and in her world, and I hope you all remember her spirit, because it was BIG. Remember the good times and remember her joy...... Love ya, sister. RIP "Grandma Retha".

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