Baby Girl U Slipp'n & U Startin 2 Look Bad 
Whats Wrong With U Girl U Done Lost Yo Swagg
Mess With Pimp'n, Get Ur Swagger Back 
 No Mo Noodles Everyday, We Got Dat Ass Back Phat
Don't Miss Ur Bless'n, Baby Girl
Tell Me U Down, Take U Out Dem Cheap Clothes
Wipe U All The Way Down
From Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Versace and Gucci
Got Dem Rich N*gga Habits, Calamari And Sushi 

Atlanta rapper "Big Bank Black" teams up with Atlanta songstress "Kandi' and make the song "Try It Out" which is the same old brand name label dropping and what I did and could do for you and how you aint sh*t without me song. Really not dig'n "Big Bank Black", but "Kandi" did her thang on da hook. 

Guess my question is if she aint look'n good and done lost her swag, why do you want to holla in the first place? (Save A Hoe Syndrome)

"Big Bank Black" "Try It Out" Ft "Kandi"

Behind The Scenes "Try It Out" Video Shoot

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