"Shani Davis"
Made Me Proud To Be An American

I've watched the Olympics all my life. (I used to dream of being a gymnast, but ballet was as close as I got)There are times when I'm not proud to be an American but during the Olympics is definitely was not one of them times. What's a shame is the same opportunity that exist for other Americans don't exist for Black & Hispanic Americans. This year a small candle that grew into a torch was lit up in my living room last night when a man named "Shani Davis" took the ice in the 1,000 speed skating. "Shauni" was heavily favored to win since he was not only the 1st black man to win in this event but he had won gold in this competition in the last Olympics, and he did not disappoint. "Shani Davis" made history last night when he become the 1st and only black man, and man to win his second straight gold medal in 1,000-meter Olympic speedskating. So when my son walked and and asked why I'm watching a sport I've never watched before, it was because of a black man, who was raised by a single parent mom, form Chicago that has dominated an ALL WHITE SPORT and is one of the few black people you will see in the Winter Olympics and he made me proud to be an AMERICAN.

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